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  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 4

    ... O.C. Profile...3-46 ASUS SPD Information...3-47 3.9.1 3.9.2 3.9.3 3.10 3.11 4.1 Exit menu...3-48 Updating BIOS...3-49 Chapter 4: 4.2 Installing an operating system...4-1 Support DVD information...4-1 Running the support DVD...4-1 Obtaining the software manuals...4-2 Software support 4.2.1 4.2.2 iv
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 5

    ...RAID item in BIOS...5-2 Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Option ROM utility...5-3 Creating a RAID driver disk without entering the OS...5-7 Creating a RAID driver disk in Windows®...5-8 Installing the RAID driver during Windows® OS installation...5-8 RAID support 5.2 Creating a RAID driver disk...5-7 Appendices Notices ...A-1 ASUS contact information...A-4 
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 7

    .... Chapter 5: RAID support Chapter 4: Software support Chapter 3: BIOS setup Chapter 2: Basic Installation Chapter 1: Product introduction ... to the following sources for additional information and for product and software updates. 1. The ASUS website provides updated information on ASUS hardware and software products. Refer to the ASUS contact information. Your product package may include optional...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 12

    ...Shield 1 x Support DVD Support DVD contents 1 x User Manual Drivers ASUS Update ASUS Utilities Anti-virus software (OEM version) Form factor ATX Form Factor, ... to change without notice. Package contents Check your motherboard package for the following items. User Ma H87-PRO nual ASUS H87-PRO motherboard User manual Support DVD 2 x Serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s cables 1 x ASUS Q-Shield • ...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 16

    ...Technology, an important part of Green ASUS eco-friendly computing, reduces load and wait ...reserved for caching function. ** An operating system must be installed on the HDD to launch Intel® Smart... time for applications to update and sync with the cloud for a more efficient computing experience. Intel... easily delivers stable system-level upgrades for every use. Chapter 1: Product introduction...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 18

    ... Flashback USB BIOS Flashback offers a hassle-free updating solution for your ultimate convenience. Install a USB storage device containing the BIOS file, ... system. It also allows you to regularly check for UEFI BIOS updates, and download the latest BIOS automatically. ASUS Q-Shield ASUS Q-Shield's special design makes it convenient and easy to install on your motherboard. With better electric ...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 24

    ...get the correct memory modules. Due to the memory address limitation on 32-bit Windows OS, when you install 4GB or more memory on the motherboard, the actual usable memory for the... a maximum of 3GB system memory if you are using a 32-bit Windows OS. b) Install a 64-bit Windows OS when you want to install 4GB or more on the motherboard. c) • For more details,...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 27

    ... DRAM_LED starts blinking to begin automatic memory compatibility tuning for successful boot. H87-PRO H87-PRO MemOK! button Refer to section ... seconds. • • • • We recommend that you download and update to the latest BIOS version from the ASUS website at after using the MemOK! function. ASUS H87-PRO 1-13 Chapter 1 If your system fail to boot ...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 32

    ...-PRO USB3.0 Front panel connector • The USB 3.0 module is purchased separately. These connectors are based on xHCI specification. We recommend you to install the related driver to fully use the USB 3.0 ports under Windows® 7. Chapter 1 1-18 • Chapter 1: Product introduction
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 33

    ...+ GND PIN 1 H87-PRO H87-PRO USB2.0 connectors Never connect a 1394 cable to the USB connectors. Doing.... We recommend you to install the related driver to fully use the USB 2.0 ports under Windows® 7. ... USB_P11USB_P11+ GND USB+5V USB_P9USB_P9+ GND PIN 1 PIN 1 SPDIF_OUT H87-PRO Digital audio connector The S/PDIF module is purchased separately. ASUS H87-PRO +5V H87-PRO 1-19 Chapter 1
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 49

    ... storage device to the USB port, press the reset button on your chassis for three seconds, and the BIOS is updated automatically. To use USB BIOS Flashback: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Download the latest BIOS file from the ASUS website at Extract and rename the BIOS image file to H87PRO.CAP. ...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 51

    ... USB 3.0 devices can only be used under Windows® OS environment and after the USB 3.0 driver installation. The plugged USB 3.0 device may run on xHCI or ... controlled by the xHCI controller. Some legacy USB devices must update their firmware for better compatibility. Multi-VGA output ... Rate (Screen refresh rate DVI port: 165 MHz VGA port: 180 MHz HDMI port: 300 MHz DisplayPort:...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 56

    ... error message appears on the screen during the system bootup and requests you to run the BIOS Setup. You have installed a new system component that requires further BIOS settings or update. Inappropriate BIOS ...the BIOS settings only with the help of a trained service personnel. When downloading or updating the BIOS file, rename it as H87PRO.CAP for this motherboard. ASUS H87-PRO 3-1 Chapter 3
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 97

    .... [Enabled] [Disabled] Disable the CSM to fully support the Windows® Security Update and Security Boot. For better ..., enable the CSM to fully support the non-UEFI driver add-on devices or the Windows® UEFI mode. The following four items appear when you set Launch CSM to ... options: [Legacy OpROM first] [UEFI driver first] [Ignore] Boot from Storage Devices [Legacy OpROM first] Allows ...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 98

    ...will not be active. Configuration options: [Yes] [No] Load PK from File Allows you to load the downloaded PK from a USB storage device. [Yes] Load the default PK. [Enabled] Load from a USB storage device. ASUS H87-PRO 3-43 Chapter 3 The PK file must be formatted as a UEFI variable structure with time-based authenticated variable.
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 100

    ... system. Deleting the dbx exposes your system to security threats. Load dbx from File Allows you to load the downloaded dbx from a USB storage device. [Yes] Load the default dbx. [Enabled] Load from a USB ... of device items that appears on the screen depends on the number of devices installed in the system. Click an item to start booting from the selected device. ASUS H87-PRO 3-45 Chapter 3
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 110

    ...174; 7 and 32-bit/64-bit Windows® 8 operating systems (OS). Motherboard settings and hardware options vary. The setup procedures presented in this chapter are ... devices. Install the necessary drivers to use the devices. The Utilities menu shows the applications and other software that the motherboard supports. The AHCI/RAID Driver menu contains items to create the ...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 123

    4.3.9 EZ Update is a utility that allows you to automatically update your motherboard's softwares, drivers and the BIOS version easily. With this utlity, you can also manually ... click EZ Update on the AI Suite 3 main menu bar. EZ Update Click to automatically update your motherboard's driver, software and firmware Click to find and select the BIOS from file Click to select a boot logo Click ...
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 128

    ...RAID 5 support. If you want to install a Windows® operating system to a hard disk drive included in a RAID set, you have to create a RAID driver disk and load the RAID driver during OS installation. Refer to section 5.2 Creating a RAID driver disk for hard disk drives or use an existing drive and three new drives for this setup. ASUS H87-PRO 5-1 Chapter 5
  • H87-PRO User's Manual - Page 135

    ...®. Creating a RAID driver disk in Windows® Plug the USB floppy disk ... disk to avoid a computer virus infection. 5.2.3 Installing the RAID driver during Windows®... the RAID driver for Windows® 7 or later OS: 1. 2. 3. 4. During the OS installation, click Load ... the succeeding screen instructions to complete the installation. Before loading the RAID driver from a USB flash...
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