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  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 1

    ...provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. The vendor makes no representations or warranties with ...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 2

    ... LAYOUT OF P4TSE ...1 COMPONENT INDEX ...2 ENGLISH ...3 P4TSE Features ...3 Package contents ...5 How to set up Jumper ...5 CPU Installation ...5 DDR DIMM Modules: DDRA1-2, DDRB1-2...6 Installing DDR ...27 Media control ...28 Control Panel ...29 Software Details...30 Select Region ...33 Screensaver ...34 Display Settings...35 File Manager...35 TROUBLE SHOOTING ...37 ii
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 6

    ...1 front audio header. 1 S/PDIF header. 1 1394a Firewire port. (optional) Dimensions ATX Form Factor: 24.4 X 30.5cm (W X L) B. BIOS & Software BIOS Award legal BIOS. Supports APM1.2. Supports ACPI. Supports USB Function. Software Supports Warpspeeder™, 9th Touch™, FLASHER™ and StudioFun! ™ (optional). 4
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 7

    ... performance for Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, SCO UNIX etc. Package contents HDD Cable X 1 FDD Cable X 1 User's Manual X 1 Fully Setup Driver CD X 1 StudioFun! Application CD X 1 (optional) USB 2.0 Cable X1 (optional) S/PDIF Cable X 1 (optional) Rear I/O Panel for ATX Case X 1 Serial ATA ...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 8

    Step4: Put the CPU Fan on the CPU and buckle it. Connect the CPU fan power cable to the JCFAN1. This completes the installation. Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 CPU Fan Header: JCFAN1 1 JCFAN1 Pin 1 2 3 Assignment Ground +12V FAN RPM rate Sense System Fan Header: JSFAN1 Pin 1 Assignment Ground +12V FAN RPM rate Sense 1 JSFAN1 2 3 DDR DIMM Modules: DDRA1...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 10

    Installing DDR Module 1. Unlock a DIMM slot by pressing the retaining clips outward. Align a ...provided floppy drive ribbon cables. Hard Disk Connectors: IDE1/ IDE2 The motherboard has a 32-bit ...Your monitor will attach directly to that video card. This motherboard supports video cards for PCI slots, but it... which supports modem only. Serial ATA Connector: JSATA1/ JSATA2 The motherboard has a PCI to...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 17

    ... on our main panel. Moreover, to protect users' computer systems if the setting is not appropriate when testing and results in system fail or hang, [ WarpSpeeder&#... either the original system speed or a suitable one. System Requirement OS Support: Windows 98 SE, Windows Me,... XP operating system includes DirectX 8.1. If you use Windows XP, you do not need to install DirectX 8.1.) 15
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 18

    Installation 1. Execute the setup execution file, and then the following dialog will pop up. Please click "Next" button and follow the default procedure to install. 2. When you see the following dialog in setup procedure, it means setup is completed. If the "Launch the WarpSpeeder Tray Utility" checkbox is checked, the Tray Icon utility and [WarpSpeeder™] utility will be ...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 19

    Usage The following figures are just only for reference, the screen printed in this user manual will change according to your motherboard on hand. [WarpSpeeder™] includes 1 tray icon and 5 panels: 1. Tray Icon: Whenever the Tray Icon utility is launched, it will display a little tray icon on the right side of Windows Taskbar. 17
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 20

    ... icon, [ WarpSpeeder™ ] utility will be invoked. Please refer do the following figure; the utility's first window you will see is Main Panel. Main Panel contains features as follows: a. Display the CPU Speed, CPU external clock, Memory clock, AGP clock, and PCI clock information. b. Contains About, Voltage, Overclock, and Hardware Monitor ...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 27

    ... like flash disks and USB floppy disks. Hardware Requirements The supported hardware list of StudioFun! updates regularly. So ...! Application Pack CD to get the latest supporting information. Installation Procedure Insert the "StudioFun! Application Pack CD" in a CD/DVD ROM drive and ... will boot and bring up the grub boot loader installation menu. Two options are specified: "StudioFun Install" and ...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 28

    ... will do the basic installation of the distribution. The installation works on pre-installed windows or GNU/Linux ... selecting "Cancel" will terminate the installation and reboot the machine. If Windows or GNU/Linux ... for the type of mouse installed. The distribution currently supports PS/2, USB and Serial mice...!! The CD-ROM is corrupted. 3.Unsupported hardware found, Aborting...If you try to install...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 29

    ... disk master boot record and find out the installed operating system(s). Once success, it will re-install the boot loader with correct options in the MBR. Please be noted that the newly probed one will over... any custom boot loader option specified from other GNU/Linux installations. Booting to StudioFun! After the Installation, remove the CD from the CD-ROM and restart the system. After ...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 30

    Desktop This is the main shell of the StudioFun! software. It illustrates two main categories, one is the main "Media Control" part ...This control icon will glow whenever a VCD is detected in a DVD/CD-ROM drive. The VCD will be auto-played only when it is put ... simply glow to inform the user about a VCD present in the DVD/CD-ROM drive when the Desktop is not launched. 2. DVD 28 This control will ...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 32

    ...-ROM Drive, DVD Drive has the priority: If user has both DVD and a CD-ROM drive, DVD drive will be given the preference when both the drives hold valid media in them, ... is not glowing, except the eject media and exit, the media-player will just come up and wait for user input. Software Details XINE XINE is a multimedia player. It plays back Audio CD, DVD, and VCD. It also decodes multimedia files...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 33

    ... hue, saturation adjusting requires hardware/driver support) i. Playlist j. Image snapshot k. Audio re-sampling l. Software de-interlacing algorithms m. Configuration dialog n. Aspect ratio ...h. WAV (.wav) Video CODEC i. MPEG 1/2 j. MPEG 4 (aka OpenDivX) k. MS MPEG 4 a. Chapter 5: Software Details 10 l. Windows Media Video 7 m. Motion JPEG • Remote ...
  • P4TSE user's manual - Page 39

    ...disk drive, can * Check cable running from disk to disk controller be booted from CD-ROM drive. board. Make sure ...any time. PROBABLE SOLUTION System only boots from CD-ROM. Hard disk can * Back up data and applications...." correct information is in setup. PROBABLE SOLUTION Cannot boot system after installing second hard * Set master/slave jumpers correctly. drive. * Run SETUP program and select...
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