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  • Manual - Page 2

    ... CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved GIGABYTE Q2432 Series Notebooks User's Manual Date Issued: 2011/04 This manual takes you, step by step, through setting up and using your new Notebook PC. Information in this manual has been .... GIGABYTE™ is registered trademarks of GIGABYTE Technology. Microsoft® , MS-DOS, Windows® , and Windows® Sound System are trademarks of...
  • Manual - Page 3

    ...Adapter is ● ● required, advice should be sought from a GIGABYTE service agent, in order to make sure that the correct part is recommended. Please follow the battery installation guidelines. Incorrect installation of batteries may increase the risk of... refer all repairs and servicing to qualified service personnel at a GIGABYTE Authorized Service Centre. English I ● ●...
  • Manual - Page 6

    ...English Warranty Limitations : The GIGABYTE Limited Warranty does not cover the following... ● Software, including the operating system and applications supplied ... product. This also includes third party software that may be installed after purchase. ● Third party ... ► Misuse, abuse, neglect or failure to follow instructions in the user manual. GIGABYTE Limited Warranty :...
  • Manual - Page 7

    ... frequency energy. If not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful ...V RF Exposure : This equipment must be installed and operated in accordance with provided instructions and must ... conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. End-users and installers must be provide with antenna installation instructions and transmitter operating conditions for satisfying RF ...
  • Manual - Page 12

    Q2432 SERIES USER'S MANUAL English 1 Chapter 1 Before You Start This chapter provides basic information to help you get started and to use the Q2432 notebook. Some of the features described herein may not function properly or at all unless used in conjunction with the pre-installed operating system. Any change to the operating system may cause improper function.
  • Manual - Page 13

    ...a preconfigured model you should have the following: ● GIGABYTE Notebook Computer ● Lithium-Ion Battery ● AC Adapter with Power Cord ● Driver Disc ● Manual Once you have checked and confirmed... your notebook may vary from that shown in this manual.These images are for illustration purposes. 1.2 Familiarize Yourself with the Computer Opening The Display ...
  • Manual - Page 14

    ... on the display type and size. A full-size keyboard with dedicated Windows keys. This is the pointer device controller for the system and mimics mouse movement on ...specific operating modes. Please refer to page 11 (2.4 LED Status Indicators) In the Windows operating system, press "POSH" button to initiate power management, quickly setting OSD, displays the health status of HDD, And obtain the best ...
  • Manual - Page 18

    Q2432 SERIES USER'S MANUAL English 7 Chapter 2 Getting Started This chapter will show you the various ports and components of the Q2432 and familiarizes you with the notebook. Certain parts of the notebook can be user upgraded while others are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Manual - Page 19

    2.1 Power Sources Your computer has two types of power sources: a Lithium-Ion battery and ... battery. Connecting the AC Adapter 1. Plug the DC output cable into the DC power jack of your. 2. ... that you have at least one charged battery installed. 2. Remove the AC adapter. Your notebook will automatically ... the AC adapter to the DC power port of your computer. 3. Connect the AC adapter power cord to an...
  • Manual - Page 20

    ... USER'S MANUAL 2.2 Recharging the Battery The Lithium-Ion battery is recharged internally using the AC adapter. To recharge the battery, make sure the battery is installed and the computer is connected to the AC adapter. There is no "memory effect" in Lithium-Ion batteries; therefore you do not need to discharge the battery ...
  • Manual - Page 21 may be able to continue by starting the operating system or by entering the BIOS setup utility and revising the settings. After satisfactory completion of the Power On Self Test (POST), your notebook loads the installed operating system. CAUTION Never turn off your notebook during the Power On Self Test (POST), or an unrecoverable error ...
  • Manual - Page 23

    2.6 Using the Touchpad A touchpad pointing device comes built into your computer. It is used to control the movement of the pointer to select items on your desktop and use applications on the ... finger. Using the Scroll bar allows you to navigate through a document quickly without using the window's scroll bars. This is particularly useful when you are navigat-ing through on-line pages. English 12
  • Manual - Page 24

    Q2432 SERIES USER'S MANUAL 2.7 Super POSH Introduction Super POSH is an integrated AP which ...power information of system. Items Battery LifeTime CPU Loading Description Show battery discharge time. Show CPU loading. Show the percentage of battery. There will also be a status bar: Battery Percentage ...of battery was under 10%, there will pop a warning window on task icon. * Super Power always keeps ...
  • Manual - Page 26

    ... Super HDD Super HDD displays the health status of HDD and information of CPU & RAM. English 15 A: Optimizing Windows Setting: Click "Optimize" button after selecting the optimizing options to improve system ... of system. Terminate uncommon programs running in the Service background when Windows is running. Boot Shutdown Network System Speed up the time of booting process...
  • Manual - Page 29

    ... needed. Launch System Recovery The system recover feature is part of the netbook installation and it ships preset from the factory. The options menu allows you to launch the Windows recovery tool to reinstall the operating system to factory defaults. ...on and press and hold the F9 key to launch the tool. 3.The recovery window will open and give you the option to "Recovery" in ...
  • Manual - Page 31

    ...9679; Product configuration number ● Product serial number ● Purchase date ●... on the bottom of your notebook for configuration and serial numbers. Copyright-protected technology This product ... source. 3. Make sure that any card installed in the PC card slot is seated properly.... provide you with the fastest possible solution: 4.2 GIGABYTE Service Information More service information...
  • Manual - Page 33

    ...Memory Chipset Video Graphics Hard Disk Drive ODD I/O Port Audio LAN Communications Wireless LAN Bluetooth Q2432M Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 Processor ... Super Multi DVD RW USB(2.0)*1, USB(3.0)*2, HDMI, D-Sub, RJ45, Mic-in, Earphone-out, 6-in-1 card reader (SD/MMC/ ...Speaker*2, Internal Mic-in 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet Base-T 802.11b/g/n Wireless Bluetooth V3.0+HS N/A 1.3 Mega...
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