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  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 3

    ...Telecommunications Industry Association. Includes RSA BSAFE cryptographic or security protocol software from RSA Security. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Nokia operates a policy ... PURPOSE, ARE MADE IN RELATION TO THE ACCURACY, RELIABILITY OR CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT. NOKIA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVISE THIS DOCUMENT OR WITHDRAW IT AT ANY ...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 4

    Export controls This device may contain commodities, technology, or software subject to export laws and regulations from the ...operation. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Nokia could void the user's authority to operate this, functionality of the applications, or the information in the applications or these materials. Nokia does not provide any warranty for the...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 5

    ... The Most Out Of This Guide...10 4. Media Center ...29 Tunes & Tones ...Pictures...Games ...Mobile Web...Browse & Download ...Extras ...Info ...Incoming Calls...Security...Inbox ...Sent Messages...Draft Messages ...Message Settings ...Voicemail Messages...Mobile Instant Messaging ...E-mail Messages...Chat... 34 35 38 40 41 41 42 43 43 43 2. Set Up Your Phone ...17 Antenna ...17 Change the...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 7

    ... or illegal. Read the complete user guide for further information. SWITCH ON SAFELY Do not switch the device on when wireless phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. ROAD ..., or blasting areas. QUALIFIED SERVICE Only qualified personnel may install or repair this product. ENHANCEMENTS AND BATTERIES Use only approved enhancements and ...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 10

    ... on your purchase of this Nokia mobile device. Your device provides many practical functions for daily use, such as a hands-free speakerphone, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, camera and image and data downloads. Your device can also connect to other devices using Bluetooth wireless technology. To personalize your phone, you can set your favorite ringtones. ■ Getting Help If...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 11

    ... Check or your local Nokia website for the latest guides, additional information, downloads, and services related to your Nokia product. On the website, you can get information on ... Nokia Care Contact Center location at Billing and customer service To reach Verizon Wireless' billing and customer service support, dial 1-800-256-...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 30

    ... you to personalize your phone to your own lifestyle and tastes. You can download ringtones, music, sounds,... certain applications. Media Center can be used anywhere on the Verizon Wireless network, as long as your phone has a digital signal available. Note: This ... applications to download ringtones from the internet. You can set a downloaded ringtone as a ringtone, a contact ID for a contact, or as ...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 32

    ... options Get New Pictures - Select Get New Applications to download picture applications, or use one of the applications to download images ... ■ Games To open games from the games gallery or download a new game (network service), select MENU > Media Center ... the game you want and a payment option, and download the title. You can start using the application as ...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 33

    ... up on the Directional key in Standby Mode. ■ Browse & Download To browse the internet for information (network service), such as the location of a restaurant or the nearest ... applications. Subscription and purchase pricing are available. ■ Extras To access the internet for additional Verizon Wireless downloads and applications (network service), select MENU > Media Center > Extras > ...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 34

    ... terms of any content and activation key before acquiring them, as they may be subject to a fee. Mobile Web 2.0 is a digital network service that is not available everywhere. Mobile Web text messages and alerts fees apply to sent and received ...: Use only services that you trust and that offer adequate security and protection against harmful software. 33
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 35

    ... to a message network service, you can send and receive messages to and from compatible phones that also subscribe ... caution when opening messages. Messages may contain malicious software or otherwise be harmful to your device. Note: The message ... recordings. Depending upon your network services, you may receive a message that includes an internet address where you can view the picture messages. 34
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 47

    ... other fields, and select SAVE. 4. If Update Existing is selected, choose an existing contact > ... OK. Assign Picture ID You can set the phone to display the picture of a caller from your ... Edit. 2. Scroll to the Ringtone: field, and select Set. 3. Highlight an existing ringtone from the ringtone list, ... up to 500 contacts. The amount of numbers, email addresses, and contact information that you can ...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 49

    ... - Assign or unassign your contact as an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact. Call - Dial the contact (network service). Send Name Card - Send the name card to a compatible device using Bluetooth. Erase All - Delete all... p. 48. Edit caller groups Once created, caller groups can be updated with new contacts, renamed, or erased. The default caller groups cannot be renamed ...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 50

    ...the list of group names, and select OK. Select SAVE to update the contact. Rename a group In Standby Mode, select MENU > ...35. ■ 1-touch Dials You can associate any mobile, home, or work number in the Contact List with a 1-touch dial key from 2 to 999 (network service). 1-touch dial...1-touch dial keys 98 (#MIN) are used to check your Verizon Wireless usage. 1-touch dial keys 99 (#PMT) are used...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 58

    Recent Calls Note: Some timers may be reset during service or software upgrades. The actual time invoiced for calls and services by Verizon Wireless may vary, depending on network features, rounding off for billing, taxes, and so forth. Reset Call Timers To reset a selected call or data timer or to reset all timers to zero (except Lifetime Calls...
  • Nokia 2605 classic User Guide in English - Page 78

    Settings & Tools SW/HW Version - The current software and hardware version for your phone. Icon Glossary - The library of screen icons shown while on a call or when using features. Software Update - To check the status of your current software on your phone, select Status. To check if there are new software updates available for your phone, select Check New (This feature will not work ...
  • Nokia 2605 Warranty and Safety booklet - Page 21

    ...Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) • Your zip code ■ Updates For the latest version of this guide, additional information, downloads, and services related to your Nokia product, see or your local Nokia Web site. You may also download free configuration settings such as MMS, GPRS, e-mail, and other services for your ...
  • Nokia 2605 Warranty and Safety booklet - Page 22

    ... enable connectivity from the PC. For more information, see the Nokia PC Suite online help. Nokia PC Suite and all related software can be downloaded from Important: Only install and use applications and other software from sources that offer adequate security and protection against harmful software. ...
  • Nokia 2605 Warranty and Safety booklet - Page 24

    ...or by inadequate signal reception by the external antenna, or viruses or other software problems introduced into the Product. 8. Nokia does not warrant uninterrupted ... the Product prepaid and insured to Nokia. See for the address of the repair center nearest you. c) The Consumer shall include a return address, daytime phone number and/or fax number, complete ...
  • Nokia 2605 Warranty and Safety booklet - Page 28

    .... That means making good judgment calls about when it's appropriate to use your wireless phone. It also means keeping your eyes on the ... to use a wireless device while driving, the wireless industry encourages drivers to follow some basic do's and don'ts to ensure that a wireless device doesn't become a distraction. 1. Get to know your wireless phone and its features such as speed dial and redial. ...
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