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  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 2

    ... ...2-3 Kensington Lock ...2-4 USING THE PRODUCT Setting the Optimal Resolution ...3-1 Standard Signal Mode Table ...3-2 Installing the Device Driver ...3-3 Product Operating Buttons ...3-4 Using the Screen Adjustment Menu (OSD: On Screen Display) ...3-5 INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE Natural Color ...4-1 MagicTune ...4-2 MultiScreen ...4-3 TROUBLESHOOTING Monitor Self-...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 3

    ... Safety Precautions Before You Start Icons used in this manual ICON NAME Caution MEANING Indicates cases ...., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The copyright of this manual is reserved by Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd. The contents of ... logo and SyncMaster are the registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd. Microsoft, Windows and Windows NT are the registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation....
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 4

    ...differ depending on the model. • • • Securing the Installation Space • Keep the required distances between ...a problem with the product due to an increase in the internal temperature. Install the product so the required distances shown in ... kept. The appearance may differ depending on the product. When installing the product with a stand About persistent images • &#...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 7

    ... placing burning candles, mosquitorepellent or cigarettes on the product and installing the product near a heater. • Otherwise, it .... Keep a distance of at least 10 cm from the wall when installing the product for ventilation. • Otherwise, it may result in... it may result in a problem with the product or fire. Avoid installing the product in a location exposed to dust, moisture (sauna),...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 8

    ...on the floor. • This may damage the panel of the product. When installing the product on a console or shelf, make sure that the... may result in a problem with the product or injury. If the product is installed in a location where the operating conditions vary considerably, a ... problem may occur due to the surrounding environment. In this case, install the product only after consulting one of ...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 12

    2 2-1 • • Installing the Product Package Contents Unpack the product and check if all of the .... Store the packaging box in case you need to move the Product at a later stage. Monitor Contents Installation Manual Product Warranty (Not available in all ...-Adapter OPTION Stand D-Sub Cable The cables provided may vary depending on the product you purchase. 2-1 Installing the Product
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 13

    2-2 Installing the Stand Before assembling the product, place the product down on a flat and stable surface so that the screen is facing downwards. Insert the Stand Connector into the Stand in ...that it is completely fixed. Place a soft cloth over the table to protect the product and place the product onto the cloth so that the front of the product is facing downwards. Installing the Product 2-2
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 14

    Hold the main body of the product with your hand as shown by the figure. Push the assembled stand into the main body in the direction of the arrow as shown in the figure. - Caution Avoid lifting the product holding only the stand. Disassembly is in the reverse order of the assembly. 2-2 Installing the Product
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 15

    ... on the video output supported by the PC. • • When the graphics card provides D-Sub Analog output Connect the [RGB IN] port of the product to the [D-Sub] port of the PC with the D-Sub cable. 2. Connect the power adapter to [DC] jack on the rear ... is switched automatically.) When the product is connected to a PC, you can turn the product on and use it. Installing the Product 2-3
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 16

    ... with the lock attached through the looped end of the Kensington lock cable. 3. Insert the locking device into the Kensington slot on the ...( 4. Lock the lock These are general instructions. For exact instructions, see the User Manual supplied with the locking device. You can purchase the locking device from an electronics store, an online shop, or our service center. 2-4 Installing the Product
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 18

    ... modes, a blank screen may be displayed or only the Power LED may be turned on. Therefore, configure it as follows referring to the User Manual of the graphics card. S19B150N DISPLAY MODE IBM, 720 x 400 MAC, 640 x 480 MAC, 832 x 624 VESA, 640x 480 VESA, 640 x 480 VESA, 640 x 480 VESA, 800 x 600 VESA, ...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 21

    ...Installing the Device Driver If you install the device driver, you can set up the appropriate resolution and frequency for ... center or Samsung Electronics website(, and download the driver. 1. Insert the driver installation CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. 2. Click on "Windows Driver". 3. Complete the remaining installation steps according to the instructions displayed on the ...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 29

    4 4-1 Installing the Software Natural Color What is Natural Color ? This software works only for Samsung products and enables adjusting the displayed colors on the ... (F1). The Natural Color is provided online. You can download it from the website below and install; Installing the Software 4-1
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 30

    ...Select the installation language and click [Next]. 4. Complete the remaining software installation steps according to the instructions displayed on the screen The software may not ... with the Installation (MagicTune™) The installation of MagicTune™may be affected by the graphics card, motherboard and the networking environment. System Requirements OS •Windows 2000 •Windows ...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 31

    ...;. 6. Wait until a message box appears informing you that the software has been removed completely. For technical support, the FAQ (frequently asked questions) or information about the software upgrade for MagicTune™, please visit our website. Installing the Software 4-2
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 32

    ...When the Installation Wizard appears, click [Next]. 4. Complete the remaining software installation steps according to the instructions displayed on the screen The software may not ...and Problems with the Installation (MultiScreen) The MultiScreen installation may be affected by the graphics card, motherboard and the networking environment. Operating System OS •Windows 2000 •Windows XP...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 34 card configured correctly? Check the cable connection to the computer. Reinsert the graphics card into the computer completely. Set up the graphics card referring to the user manual. The display area suddenly moves change the graphics card or the driver? Please press the [AUTO] button to run the auto adjustment function. Set the resolution and the frequency ...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 35

    ... the color again in accordance with the new graphics card driver. Did you install the device driver for the product? When I connect the monitor, the 'Unknown ... Plug&Play (VESA DDC) functions are supported referring to the User Manual of the graphics card. Install the device driver referring to the descriptions about the driver installation. Install the device driver referring to the descriptions ...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 36

    ... change the refresh rate under Monitor Settings. Windows ME/2000 : Change the frequency ... Monitor Settings. (For more information, refer to the User Manual of the computer or the graphics card.) Windows... → Screen Saver Setting or configure it in the BIOS Setup of the computer. Windows ME/2000... → Screen Saver Setting or Configure it in the BIOS Setup of the computer. Windows Vista : Change...
  • User Manual Ver.1.0 (English) - Page 40

    ... when leaving it unattended for long periods. The PowerSaver system operates with a VESA DPM compliant video card installed in your computer. Use the software utility installed on your computer to set up this feature. STATE Power Indicator Power Consumption (S19B150N) Power Consumption (S22B150N) Power Consumption (S24B150NL) ...
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