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Download the free PDF manual for Toshiba 46XV648U and other Toshiba manuals at

  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 1

    ...; Integrated High Definition LCD Television HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION 40XV648U 46XV648U 52XV648U For an overview of steps for setting up your new TV, see page 9. Note: To ...). For details, please contact your TV antenna installer, cable provider, or satellite provider. © 2009 TOSHIBA CORPORATION All Rights Reserved Owner's Record ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 2

    Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this Toshiba LCD TV. This manual will help you use ... display. Care should be taken to place or install the display where it cannot be pushed, pulled over, or knocked ... doubts about your ability to safely install your flat panel display, contact your retailer ...; A minimum of two people are required for installation. Flat panel displays can be heavy. NOTE ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 3

    ...dry cloth. 7) Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. 8) Do not install near any rain or moisture, does not operate normally, or has been dropped. Installation, Care, and Service Installation Follow these recommendations and precautions and heed all warnings when installing your TV: 17) WARNING: NEVER expose batteries to excessive ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 4

    ... lines or other electrical circuits. • Never attempt to install any of the following during lightning activity: a) an antenna system; or b) cables, wires, or any home theater component connected to an antenna or phone system. 40) &#... the screen may be exposed to direct sunlight, such as in front of a window. • Never touch, press, or place anything on the LCD screen. These actions ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 5

    Service 41) RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK! To Display your LCD TV using a Wall Bracket: WARNING: If you ... bracket appropriate for the size and weight of the LCD TV (- page 2) : 1) CAUTION: Two people are required for installation. 2) Unplug and remove any cables and/or other ... stand away from the TV. Choosing a location for your LCD TV To Display your LCD TV on the included Pedestal Stand: Observe the ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 6

    ... of Conformity Compliance Statement (Part 15): The Toshiba 40XV648U, 46XV648U and 52XV648U Televisions comply with ... radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause .... Important notes about your LCD TV The following symptoms are technical limitations of LCD Display technology and are not an indication of malfunction; therefore, Toshiba is not ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 7

    Contents Important Safety Instructions ...3 Installation, Care, and Service ...3 Choosing a location for your LCD TV ...5 Chapter 1: Introduction...9 Features of your new TV ...9 Overview of steps for installing, setting up, and using your new TV ... TV programs and movies by rating (V-Chip) ...44 Downloading an additional rating system for blocking TV programs and movies ...44 ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 9

    ... many exciting features of your new Toshiba widescreen, integrated HD, LCD TV: •Integrated digital tuning ...-Sync feature activates an auto audio/video display timing adjustment function that allows HDMI source devices to ...8226; ENERGY STAR® qualified Overview of steps for installing, setting up, and using your new TV Follow these steps to set up your TV and begin using its many exciting ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 11

    ...) format for connecting an external Dolby Digital decoder, amplifier, or home theater system with optical audio input. Service port - For service use only. Used for updating the television's firmware. ANT/CABLE - Input that supports analog (NTSC) and digital (ATSC) off-air antenna signals and analog and ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 19

    ...TV and many other devices such as cable converter boxes, satellite receivers, VCRs, DVD players, and HTIBs (home theater... operate: You can program the TV remote control so it will operate the other device (- page 23). Installing the remote control batteries 1 Slide the battery cover off the ...of the remote control. Squeeze tab and lift cover. 2 Install two "AAA" size alkaline batteries. Match the ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 27

    ... Setup When you first turn on or reset the TV, the Initial Setup window will appear. In the Menu Language ... time zone with C or c and press T. 3 Next, the Location setting window will appear. For normal home use, ...Home and press T. 4 Next, ANT/CABLE In setup window will appear. Press C or c to select the input ...process, the Initial Setup window will appear every time you turn on the TV. Quick Setup ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 29

    ... be skipped. From the SETUP menu, highlight Manual Setting and press T. The setting window will appear. Press B or b to select 8 (skip on) and press O. Manual Setting 32). From the SETUP menu, highlight Manual Setting and press T. The setting window will appear. Press B label. From the SETUP menu, highlight Manual Setting and press T. The setting window will appear. Press c ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 31

    ... the system status 1 2 From the SETUP menu, highlight System Information. Press T to display the system information. System Information Software Version XV648U Mar 26 2009 - 01:16:45 FW: 21 Reset ... Enter your PIN code (if PIN code has been set). Press C or c to select Yes and press T. The TV will turn off automatically. To cancel the reset: Press ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 35

    ... tuning will be handled for analog and digital channels when the TV is in Antenna mode. Note: To use this feature, ANT/CABLE In must be set to Antenna (- page 28). Tuning to a ... c to select your desired mode and then press O. 1 2 3 Note: The Channel Options window as well as the Channel Browser ANT/CABLE List will be updated automatically when you change the mode. Also, the History List will be ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 40

    ...On, and then press T. Viewing the Control Visualization window This feature displays a histogram and control curve illustrating the brightness of the TV. 1 2 ... and press T. The histogram window will appear. Control Visualization Distribution From the SETUP menu, highlight TV Settings and press T.... the signal reception is non-standard 40 XV648U_09C06.pdf 9 2009/07/10 11:25:46
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 44 additional rating system can be downloaded. To block and unblock TV programs and movies: ... PIN code. Parental Control and Locks window is displayed. Press B or b to highlight Enable Rating Blocking.... available. • It may take several minutes for the TV to download the additional rating system. • ... one time. You will not be able to download any updates to the rating system should such ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 55

    ... the Base Color Adjustment When ColorMaster™ is set to On, the list of base colors will be displayed. You can select a base ... Pro and press T. The Backlight Control Level window will appear. Press T to display the adjustment window. Press C or c to select the point ...Base Color Adjustment and press T. The Base Color Adjustment window will appear. Press B or b to highlight the color you want to ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 57

    ... available during playback. Basic operation To set Auto Start: 1 2 3 1 2 3 From the APPLICATIONS menu, highlight Media Player and press T. Press.... Note: If Auto Start is set to Off, you can start the Media Player manually. Supported file system FAT12...and FAT32 You must obtain any required permission from copyright owners to download or use copyrighted content. Toshiba cannot and does not grant ...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 59

    ...connect a PC using either the PC IN terminal or an HDMI terminal, make sure that the PC Audio setting is properly set (- page ...; If the Input Selection window does not appear when you press + on the remote control or the TV control panel, press +... to the next video input source and display the Input Selection window. Remote control problems • Make sure the remote control is set to the correct...
  • Owner's Manual - English - Page 65

    ... the Continental U.S.A. or Puerto Rico. (4) Labor service charges for set installation, setup, adjustment of customer controls, and ... misaligned satellite dishes, cable television distribution, VCRs, DVD players/recorders, personal computer level IEEE-... (such as lightning or fluctuations in electric power), improper installation, improper maintenance, or use in violation of instructions furnished by...
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