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Download the free PDF manual for ViewSonic ViewPad E100 and other ViewSonic manuals at

  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 2

    ... provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequencyenergy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interferenceto radio ... is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to...
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 8

    ... or cleaning solutions. 14. Always power off the device to install or remove external devices that do not support hot-plug. 15. ... type. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions. 19. Users have to use the connection to USB interfaces with USB 2.0 version or higher. 20. PLUGGABLE EQUIPMENT: the socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. vii
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 11

    Chapter 1: Getting Started...1 1.1 Your Device...1 Front...1 Rear...1 Side...2 Indicator...3 1.2 Accessories...3 1.3 Installing microSD/SIM Card...4 To install the microSD card...4 To remove the microSD card...4 To install the SIM card ( select model )...4 To remove the SIM card...4 1.4 Charging Battery...4 1.5 Using Headsets...5 1.6 Turning the ...
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 12

    Chapter 3: Settings...13 3.1 Install and Remove an Application...13 Remove an application...13 3.2 Setting Date & Time...14 3.3 Set the ... home page...17 Managing web pages...17 Chapter 4: Using Applications...18 4.1 HDMI Output...18 4.2 Play Music...18 4.3 Gallery...18 4.4 Firmware Update...19 Chapter 5: Other Information...21 Troubleshooting...21 Customer Support...22 Limited Warranty...23 xi
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 16

    1.3 Installing microSD/SIM Card You need a microSD® card to store photos, music, videos, and other data. To install the microSD card Insert the microSD card as... microSD card 1. For safe removal, tap > Settings > Storage > Unmount microSD card. 2. Push to eject the microSD card from... data loss or unpredictable system hang up. To install the SIM card (select model) Insert the SIM card ...
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 17

    ... headset, do not set the volume to its maximum as it may damage your hearing. 1.6 Turning the Device On or Off After installing the memory card and charging the battery, the device is ready to be turned on....turn off your device 1. Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds. 2. A pop-up window appears, tap OK to confirm. To set your device to Sleep mode To set the ...
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 22

    Using widgets Save time with live updates right on the Home screen and get all your personalized updates in one place. You may add and customize the Widgets on the Home screen as you like. 1. From the Home screen, tap . All available widgets are displayed. 2. To add widget, drag the widget icon to the specific Home screen. ...
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 24

    2.4 Configuring a 3G Network (3G Model) Make sure the device is powered off before you install/uninstall an SIM card. From the application menu, tap Settings > Wireless Networks > More > Mobile Networks. • Data enabled: Select the check box to turn 3G on (enabled by default), then you can use 3G network. • ...
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 25

    ... it to setup your Wi-Fi Connection, adjust time, display settings and so on. 3.1 Install and Remove an Application Use the 1 Mobile market application to install popular applications to your device. Remove an application Touch to enter applications menu > Settings > Apps > All. You will see a list of applications installed in the device. Select the application you ...
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 28

    ... From the applications menu press , and tap Settings > Wireless & networks. • Select the Bluetooth check box to activate ... Browsing Web Pages 1. From the Home screen, tap > Browser. 2. Tap the address bar. 3. Type the URL. As you type, a list ... on the screen. 4. Tap a match item in the list. Address bar Tap to update the web page content. To scroll the page To scroll up or down, swipe your ...
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 30

    Chapter 4: Using Applications 4.1 HDMI Output Tap the setting > Display > Switch display panel > HDMI For correct HDMI orientation output, please set the tablet to the native position as illustrated in below figure. Note: ...viewing space for your pictures and videos. Before using Gallery application, remember to install the Micro SD Card. Touch the Gallery icon from applications menu...
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 31

    4.4 Firmware Update Ensure wireless is connected and functioning. From the application menu, tap on Updates to check if a firmware update is available. If an update version is available, you will see following message. Tap on Download Update to start downloading. The image file is over 300MB and it can take quite some time to complete the process, depending upon your connection speed. 19
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 32

    After download success, tap on Accept > Apply Update to install the new version on your tablet. Your device will restart automatically to apply the new software. Once the software has been successfully updated to new version, tap on OK to close the program. 20
  • ViewPad E100 User Guide - Page 35

    ... remaining on the customer's original limited warranty. ViewSonic provides no warranty for the third-party software included with the product or installed by the customer. How long the warranty is effective: ViewSonic ViewPad are warranted for at least 1 year for labor from the date of the first customer purchase...
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