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  • User Guide - Page 16

    ...181 15.1.3 Cautions with UPnP ...181 15.2 UPnP and ZyXEL ...182 15.2.1 Configuring UPnP ...182 15.3 Installing UPnP in Windows Example ...183 15.3.1 Installing UPnP in Windows Me ...183 15.3.2 Installing UPnP in Windows XP ...184 15.4 Using UPnP in Windows XP Example ...185 15.4.1 Auto-discover Your UPnP-enabled Network Device ...186 15.4.2 Web Configurator Easy...
  • User Guide - Page 17

    ... Name ...195 16.1.2 General Setup ...195 16.2 Time Setting ...197 Chapter 17 Tools...201 17.1 Firmware Upgrade ...201 17.2 Configuration Screen ...203 17.2.1 Backup Configuration ... Specifications...233 Appendix B Internal SPTGEN ...241 Appendix C Setting up Your Computer's IP Address ...257 Appendix D IP Addresses and Subnetting ...273 P-660H-Tx v2 User's Guide 17
  • User Guide - Page 21

    ...Setup: Communication ...183 Figure 98 Add/Remove Programs: Windows Setup: Communication: Components ...184 Figure 99 Network Connections ...184 Figure 100 Windows Optional ... ...191 Figure 111 System General Setup ...196 Figure 112 System Time Setting ...197 Figure 113 Firmware Upgrade ...201 Figure 114 Firmware Upload In Progress ...202 Figure 115 Network Temporarily Disconnected ...202 Figure 116 ...
  • User Guide - Page 22

    ... Upload Example ...243 Figure 134 WIndows 95/98/Me: Network: Configuration ...258 Figure 135 Windows 95/98/Me: TCP/IP Properties: IP Address ...259 Figure 136 Windows 95/98/Me: TCP/... Control Panel ...261 Figure 139 Windows XP: Control Panel: Network Connections: Properties ...262 Figure 140...Example ...281 Figure 162 Conflicting Computer and Router IP Addresses Example ...282 Figure 163 ...
  • User Guide - Page 26

    ...178 Table 69 TR-069 Commands ...179 Table 70 Configuring UPnP ...182 Table 71 System General Setup ...196 Table 72 System Time Setting ...198 Table 73 Firmware Upgrade ...201 Table 74 Maintenance Restore Configuration ...204 Table 75 Diagnostic: General ...207 Table 76 Diagnostic: DSL Line ...208 Table 77 View Log ...
  • User Guide - Page 33

    .... • Command Line Interface. Line commands are mostly used for troubleshooting by service engineers. • FTP for firmware upgrades and configuration backup/restore (Chapter 17 on page 201) • SNMP. The device can be... you forget your password, you will have to reset the ZyXEL Device to its factory default settings. If you backed up an earlier configuration ...
  • User Guide - Page 67

    ... Routing Link Protocol (ENET ENCAP) is only implemented with the IP network protocol. IP packets are routed between the Ethernet interface and the WAN interface and then formatted so that they ... PPPoE directly on the ZyXEL Device (rather than individual computers), the computers on the LAN do not need PPPoE software installed, since the ZyXEL Device does that part of the task. Furthermore, with NAT...
  • User Guide - Page 90

    ... gateway (which is not the ZyXEL Device) by looking at the MAC address in its ARP table. 2 When the computer cannot locate ... request and replies to the computer with its own MAC address. 4 The computer updates the MAC address for the default gateway to the ARP table. Once the ARP table is updated, the computer is ... Mask Apply Cancel Advanced Setup Enter the IP address of your ZyXEL Device in dotted ...
  • User Guide - Page 120

    ... quite difficult to crack. • Never reveal your IP address or other system networking information to people outside your company. Be careful of ... upper and lower case letters, numbers and a symbol such as % or #. • Upgrade your software regularly. Many older versions of software, especially web browsers, have well known security deficiencies. When you upgrade to the latest versions, you ...
  • User Guide - Page 173

    ..." The default password is 1234. The password is case-sensitive. 14.6 Configuring FTP You can upload and download the ZyXEL Device's firmware and configuration files using FTP, please see the chapter on firmware and configuration file maintenance for details. To use this feature, your computer must have an FTP client. To change your ZyXEL...
  • User Guide - Page 175

    ...sent after booting (power on). A trap is sent after booting (software reboot). A trap is sent with the reason of restart before rebooting ... by user!" if reboot is done intentionally, (for example, download new files, CI command "sys reboot", etc...error: 14.7.3 Configuring SNMP To change your ZyXEL Device's SNMP settings, click Advanced > Remote MGMT > SNMP. The screen appears as shown. P-660H-Tx v2...
  • User Guide - Page 178

    ...IP) datagrams, but the messages are processed by the TCP/IP software and directly apparent to the application user. The ZyXEL Device will not respond to any incoming Ping requests when ... HTTP or HTTPS. An administrator can use CNM Access to remotely set up the ZyXEL device, modify settings, perform firmware upgrades as well as monitor and diagnose the ZyXEL device. All you have to do is enable the ...
  • User Guide - Page 181

    ... know if I'm using UPnP? UPnP hardware is identified as an icon in the Network Connections folder (Windows XP). Each UPnP compatible device installed on your network will appear as a separate icon. Selecting the icon of a ...port mapping • Learning public IP addresses • Assigning lease times to mappings Windows Messenger is an example of an application that ...
  • User Guide - Page 182

    ... your intention. You must have IIS (Internet Information Services) enabled on the Windows web server for UPnP to work. 15.2 UPnP and ZyXEL ZyXEL has achieved UPnP certification... IGD 1.0 (Internet Gateway Device). See the following sections for examples of installing and using UPnP. 15.2.1 Configuring UPnP Click Advanced > UPnP to display the screen shown next. ...
  • User Guide - Page 183

    ... the setting to the ZyXEL Device. Click Cancel to return to the previously saved settings. Apply Cancel 15.3 Installing UPnP in Windows Example This section shows how to install UPnP in Windows Me and Windows XP. 15.3.1 Installing UPnP in Windows Me Follow the steps below to install the UPnP in Windows Me. 1 Click Start and Control Panel. Double-click Add/...
  • User Guide - Page 184

    ... and click Next. 5 Restart the computer when prompted. 15.3.2 Installing UPnP in Windows XP Follow the steps below to install the UPnP in Windows XP. 1 Click start and Control Panel. 2 Double-click Network Connections. 3 In the Network Connections window, click Advanced in the main ...Networking Components Wizard window displays. Select Networking Service in the Components selection box and ...
  • User Guide - Page 234

    Appendix A Product Specifications Table 99 Firmware ADSL Standards Multi-Mode standard (ANSI T1.413,Issue 2; G.dmt... Management via Telnet or Web SNMP manageable FTP/TFTP for firmware downloading, configuration backup and restoration. Syslog Built-in Diagnostic Tools for FLASH memory, ADSL circuitry, RAM and LAN port MAP - "Multimedia Auto Provisioner" (multimedia installation tutorial and automatic...
  • User Guide - Page 235

    ...Quality of Service) Table 100 Firmware Specifications FEATURE Default IP Address Default Subnet ...User Password DHCP Pool Device Management Firmware Upgrade DESCRIPTION 255....rich range of features on the ZyXEL Device. Download new firmware (when available) from the ZyXEL web site ...Only upload firmware for your specific model! Configuration Backup & Restoration Network Address Translation ...
  • User Guide - Page 236

    ... to your network are not allowed, but you can safely browse the Internet and download files for example. The ZyXEL Device blocks or allows access to ... or FTP traffic for example) from a computer on a network (LAN or WAN for example) can access the ZyXEL Device. The ... Device without changing the network settings (such as IP address and subnet mask) of the computer, when the IP addresses of...
  • User Guide - Page 257

    ...must have a 10M or 100M Ethernet adapter card and TCP/IP installed. Windows 95/98/...LINUX include the software components you need to install and use TCP/ IP on your computer. Windows 3.1 requires the ...application package. TCP/IP should already be installed on computers using Windows NT/2000/XP, Macintosh... have IP addresses that place them in the same subnet as the ZyXEL Device's LAN port. Windows 95...
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