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  • Manual - Page 5

    Chapter 3 Drivers Installation ...45 3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4 3-5 Install Chipset Drivers ...45 Software Application ...46 Software Information ...46 Hardware Information ...47 Contact Us ...47 Chapter 4 Appendix ...49 4-1 Unique Software Utilities ...49 4-1-1 4-1-2 4-1-3 Xpress Recovery2 Introduction ...49 Flash BIOS Method Introduction ...51 2- / ...
  • Manual - Page 15

    ... the screw to secure the slot bracket of the expansion card. 6. Replace your computer's chassis cover. 7. Power on the computer, if necessary, setup BIOS utility of expansion card from BIOS. 8. Install related driver from the operating system. Installing a PCI expansion card: - 15 - Hardware Installation
  • Manual - Page 16 USB controller, please contact OS ven dor for possible patch or driver upgrade. For more information please contact your OS or device(s) vendors. LAN Port The provided Internet connection provides data transfer speeds of 10.... MIC In Microphone can be connected to MIC In jack. You can use audio software to configure 2-/4-/5.1-channel audio functioning. GA-8I865GVMK-775 Motherboard - 16 -
  • Manual - Page 20

    ...SATA0 / SATA1 (Serial ATA Connector) Serial ATA can provide up to 150MB/s transfer rate. Please refer to the BIOS setting for the Serial ATA and install the proper driver in order to work properly. 7 1 Pin No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Definition GND TXP TXN GND RXN RXP GND GA-8I865GVMK-775 Motherboard - 20 -
  • Manual - Page 27

    ...BIOS needs to be reset to its original settings. If you wish to upgrade to a new BIOS, either Gigabyte's Q-Flash or @BIOS utility can...based utility that does not require users to boot to DOS before upgrading BIOS but directly download and update BIOS from the Internet. English CONTROL KEYS < >< >< >< ... - Quit and not save changes into CMOS Status Page Setup Menu and Option Page Setup Menu - Exit...
  • Manual - Page 30

    English 2-1 Standard CMOS Features CMOS Setup Utility-Copyright (C) 1984-2005 Award Software Standard CMOS Features Date (mm:dd:yy) Time (hh:mm:ss) IDE Channel 0 Master IDE Channel 0 Slave IDE Channel... Number of heads Precomp Write precomp Landing Zone Landing zone Sector Number of sectors If a hard disk has not been installed, select NONE and press . GA-8I865GVMK-775 Motherboard - 30 Access Mode
  • Manual - Page 32

    English 2-2 Advanced BIOS Features CMOS Setup Utility-Copyright (C) 1984-2005 Award Software Advanced BIOS Features [Press Enter] [Floppy] [Hard Disk] [CDROM] [Setup] [Enabled] [Disabled] ... if the correct password is not entered at the prompt. Password Check Setup System (Note) This item will show up when you install a processor that supports this function. - 32 - GA-8I865GVMK-775 Motherboard
  • Manual - Page 33

    ... Limit CPUID Maximum value to 3 when use older OS like NT4. Disables CPUID Limit for Windows XP.(Default value) Enable No-Execute Memory Protect function.(Default value) Disable No-Execute Memory Protect ... EIST Function (Note) On-Chip Frame Buffer Size (Note) This item will show up when you install a processor that supports this function. - 33 BIOS Setup
  • Manual - Page 34

    ... 0). This mode is only supported by Windows XP or later. (Default value) Set SATA controller to native mode(Serial ATA mode - SATA Port ...or later. On-Chip Secondary PCI IDE On-Chip SATA Disabled Auto Manual IDE Pri. Master IDE Pri. Slave IDE Sec. Master ...SATA Port1 configure as The setting depends on "SATA Port0 configure as" item setting. (Default: SATA Port1) GA-8I865GVMK-775 Motherboard - 34 -
  • Manual - Page 39

    2-6 PC Health Status CMOS Setup Utility-Copyright (C) 1984-2005 Award Software PC Health Status Current CPU Temperature Current System ...when CPU Smart FAN Control is enabled. Auto BIOS autodetects the type of CPU fan you installed and sets the optimal CPU Smart FAN control mode for use a CPU fan with a 3-pin fan power cable. PWM Set to PWM when you use a CPU fan with a ...
  • Manual - Page 45

    Chapter 3 Drivers Installation Pictures below are shown in Windows XP. Insert the driver CD-title that came with your motherboard into your CD-... drivers, afterward you can install others application. For USB2.0 driver support under Windows XP operating system,... Service Pack. After install Windows Service Pack, it will show a question mark "?" in "Universal Serial Bus controller" under...
  • Manual - Page 46

    English 3-2 Software Application This page displays all the tools that Gigabyte developed and some free software, you can choose anyone you want and press "install" to install them. 3-3 Software Information This page lists the contents of software and drivers in this CD-title. GA-8I865GVMK-775 Motherboard - 46 -
  • Manual - Page 47

    3-4 Hardware Information English This page lists all device you have for this motherboard. 3-5 Contact Us Please see the last page for details. - 47 - Drivers Installation
  • Manual - Page 49

    ... Feature and set to boot from CD-ROM. Save the settings and exit the BIOS Setup. Insert the provided driver CD into your CD-... Star Ally Copyright (C) 1984-2005, Award Software, Inc. Intel 865 BIOS for 8I865GVMK-775 F4 ...:BIOS Setup/Q-Flash, : Xpress Recovery2, For Boot Menu 11... be immediately installed once you complete installations of OS and all required drivers as well as software. - 49 Appendix
  • Manual - Page 50

    ...backed up) 4. Capable of backing up hard disks installed with Windows operating systems including DOS and ...more than 128G under Windows 2000, be sure to execute the EnableBigLba.exe program from the driver CD before ... disks on the following motherboards (As this is a BIOS-related issue, it can be solved by BIOS update) GA-8N-SLI ...-K8N Ultra-SLI GA-K8NMF-9 GA-K8N Pro-SLI GA-8I865GVMK-775 Motherboard -...
  • Manual - Page 51

    ...with the Q-FlashTM utility, please follow the steps below first. 1. 2. 3. Download the latest BIOS for your motherboard from Gigabyte's website. Extract the BIOS ... to Part Two. Part One: Updating BIOS with Q-FlashTM Utility on Dual BIOS Motherboards. Some of Gigabyte motherboards are ... (C) 1984-2003, Award Software, Inc. The BIOS file is Fa3 before updating Intel i875P AGPset BIOS ...
  • Manual - Page 53

    ... the BIOS file for your motherboard and insert it to your computer. If you have ... showing the BIOS files you previously downloaded to the floppy disk. If you want... press Enter. In this example, we only download one BIOS file to the floppy disk... for your motherboard. Dual BIOS Utility Boot From...Main Bios Main ROM Type... Power or Reset System Load Default Settings Save Settings to CMOS Q-Flash Utility...
  • Manual - Page 55

    ...the BIOS defaults after BIOS has been upgraded. CMOS Setup Utility-Copyright (C) 1984-2004 Award Software Standard CMOS Features Select Language Advanced... keyboard to save and exit. Part Two: Updating BIOS with Q-FlashTM Utility on Single-BIOS Motherboards. This part guides users of single-BIOS motherboards how to update BIOS using the Q-FlashTM utility. CMOS Setup Utility-Copyright (C) 1984-2004 ...
  • Manual - Page 58

    .... @BIOS allows users to update their BIOS under Windows. Just select the desired @BIOS server to download the latest version of ... d. Select the exact model name on your motherboard e. System will automatically download and update the BIOS. II. Update BIOS NOT ... or any other methods (such as: 8I865GVM-775.E2). e. Complete update process following the instruction. GA-8I865GVMK-775 Motherboard - 58 -
  • Manual - Page 60

    ... You are able to use 2-/4-/5.1-channnels audio feature by audio software selection. The installation of audio software for Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ XP is very simple. Please follow the steps to install the ... a headphone or stereo speakers icon on the SoundMAX menu. This completes the headphone or stereo speakers setup. GA-8I865GVMK-775 Motherboard - 60 -
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