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  • Operating Instructions - Page 2

    ...800-222-7669 or Declaration of Conformity Trade Name Model Responsible Party Address : SONY : ICD-UX512 : Sony Electronics Inc. : 16530 Via Esprillo, San Diego, CA 92127 USA Telephone ...can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications....
  • Operating Instructions - Page 3

    ...recorder. • The supplied connection support cable is for the IC recorder ICD-UX512. You cannot connect other IC ..., ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THIS MANUAL, THE SOFTWARE OR OTHER INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN OR THE USE THEREOF. Sony Corporation reserves the the terms of a separate user license agreement. • This software is for Windows and cannot be used for Macintosh. What ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 4

    Trademarks • Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and Windows Media are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the...Thomson. • microSD and microSDHC logos are trademarks of SD-3C, LLC. The "Sound Organizer" uses software modules as shown below: Windows Media Format Runtime This product contains technology subject to certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 6

    ... from your computer using the IC recorder ...87 Using the IC Recorder as USB Memory ...89 Using the Supplied Sound Organizer Software ...90 What you can do using Sound Organizer ...90 System requirements for your computer ...91 Installing Sound Organizer ...92 The Sound Organizer window ...94 Editing Files Arranging Files in a Folder ...55 Moving a ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 8

    ... 1: Checking the Contents of the Package IC Recorder (1) Application software, Sound Organizer (CD-ROM) (1) Operating Instructions You are cautioned that any... the film on the display window before you use the IC recorder. Stereo headphones (1) USB connection support cable... IC recorder cannot be connected to a computer directly, use the supplied USB connection support cable. NH-AAA (...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 16

    The menu mode window will be displayed. When you selected "Auto," the clock is automatically adjusted using the clock in the computer connected to the IC recorder and on which the supplied Sound Organizer software is started. When you select "Manual," proceed to the next steps. 2 Press . on the control button, press v or V on ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 22

    ... IC recorder is recording data and storing it on the memory media when the "Accessing..." animation appears on the display. ... do not remove the battery or connect or disconnect the USB AC adaptor (not supplied). Doing ... flashes in red and " " begins to flash in the display window. Press z REC/PAUSE again. Recording ...erase unwanted folders using the supplied Sound Organizer software (page 90). 22 GB
  • Operating Instructions - Page 53

    ... files. • You cannot set an alarm in the files stored on a memory card. 5 Press x STOP to ... and "," (alarm indicator) appears in the display window. To change the alarm setting Select the file you ... and the alarm indicator will disappear from the display window. When the set date and time comes At the set time, "ALARM" is displayed in the display window and the alarm and the selected file ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 82

    .... It is useful if you input the ID3 tag information using the software you use to make the music files on your computer. • If no title, or artist name has ...) tab of the IC recorder. When connecting the IC recorder with your computer after the destination memory media has been set to "Memory Card" (page 38), the structure of folders is different from that when the destination memory media is ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 85

    ... displayed under this folder.) 2 Perform the following operation on your computer. On a Windows screen, left-click the icon at ...transfer podcast files from your computer to the IC recorder, use the supplied Sound Organizer software. t Left-click "Eject IC RECORDER." The...the operating instructions supplied with your computer. Utilizing Your Computer 3 Disconnect the IC recorder from the USB port ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 90

    Using the Supplied Sound Organizer Software What you can do using Sound Organizer Sound Organizer allows ... music and other files saved to the computer into Sound Organizer. Subscribing to and updating podcasts You can subscribe to podcasts in Sound Organizer. Subscribing to and updating podcasts enables you to download (subscription) and enjoy the latest data from the Internet. Playing files You ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 91

    ... Pack 3 or higher • Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 or higher Pre-installed. Transferring files to an IC recorder You can transfer a file ...CD. Other convenient uses • You can start the mail software and send a recording file attached to mail. • You can use the voice recognition software Dragon NaturallySpeaking (not supplied) which is compatible with ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 92

    ...7: Pentium III processor of 1 GHz or faster • Memory Windows XP: At least 256 MB Windows Vista: At least 512 MB (In the case of Windows Vista Ultimate/ Business/Home Premium, ... Install Sound Organizer on your computer. P Notes • When installing Sound Organizer, log in to an account with ... and then click [Yes] ([Continue] in the case of Windows Vista). • Sound Organizer cannot be...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 93

    • To use the software update function in Windows XP, you must log on to an account with computer administrator privileges. ... set the installation settings when you select [Custom]. Utilizing Your Computer 5 When the [Ready to Install the Program] window appears, click ...-click the CD-ROM drive, double-click 6 When [Sound Organizer has been installed successfully.] window appears, check...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 100

    ... computer with the Sound Organizer software, see "System requirements for your computer" on page 91. - Windows Vista Home Premium Service ...; 64 bit versions of Windows XP are not supported. To use your computer without the Sound Organizer software To use your ... the IC recorder without the Sound Organizer software, or to use the IC recorder as a USB mass storage device, your computer must meet the ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 101

    ... Hz - 14,000 Hz MP3 8kbps(MONO): 60 Hz - 3,400 Hz Hardware environment: - Sound board: Sound cards compatible with any of the supported Microsoft Windows operating systems - Port: USB port P Note • ... other than the ones indicated on page 100 - Personally constructed computers or operating systems - Upgraded operating systems - Multi-boot environment - Multi-monitor ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 109

    ... card is not recognized. Remedy • Since the memory card may contain image data or other files, the memory required for creating initial folders is insufficient. Use Windows Explorer, ... time displayed in the display window is shorter than that displayed in the supplied Sound Organizer software. The battery life is short. • The IC recorder requires a certain amount of memory for ...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 110

    ... changed, or the menu setting is changed using "IC Recorder Setting" of the Sound Organizer software with the exhausted battery inserted, the menu setting may not...or display some special characters name is displayed in and symbols that are entered on a computer using Windows unreadable characters. Explorer or the Macintosh desktop. The "Accessing..." animation display does not disappear. • If...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 112

    ...The Sound Organizer • The free disk or memory space on the computer is too small. software cannot be installed. Check the hard disk and memory space. • You are trying to install the software into the operating system that the Sound...Organizer software does not support. Install the software into the supported operating system (page 91). • In Windows XP, you have...
  • Operating Instructions - Page 113

    ...Remedy Playback sound from the • No sound board is installed. computer is low./No sound is • No speaker is built-in or connected to the computer. emitted... you cannot use part of editorial features of the software. Refer to the help files of the Sound Organizer software...• There may be conflict between the software and other driver or application. 113 Troubleshooting GB...
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