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Download the free PDF manual for ZyXEL P-660HW-T1 v3 and other ZyXEL manuals at ManualOwl.com

  • User Guide - Page 4

    .... Disclaimer Graphics in this book may differ slightly from the product due to differences in operating systems, operating system versions, or if you installed updated firmware/software for your device. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this manual is accurate. 4 P-660HW-Tx v3 Series ...
  • User Guide - Page 18

    ... 19.1.2 What You Need to Know About UPnP ...281 19.2 The UPnP Screen ...283 19.3 Installing UPnP in Windows Example ...284 19.4 Using UPnP in Windows XP Example ...287 Part VI: Maintenance...293 Chapter 20 System Settings ...295 20.1 Overview ...295 20.1.1 What You ...You Begin ...317 22.1.4 Tool Examples ...317 22.2 The Firmware Screen ...323 22.3 The Configuration Screen ...325 22.4...
  • User Guide - Page 19

    ... Adaptor Specifications ...347 Part VIII: Appendices and Index ...349 Appendix A Setting up Your Computer's IP Address...351 Appendix B Pop-up Windows, Javascript and Java Permissions ...375 Appendix C IP Addresses and Subnetting ...385 Appendix D Wireless LANs ...395 Appendix E Services ...411 Appendix F Legal Information ...415 Index...419 P-...
  • User Guide - Page 23

    ...use firmware for your ZyXEL Device's specific model. Refer to the label on the bottom of your ZyXEL Device. Note: All screens displayed in this user's guide are from the P-660HW-T1 v3 model. See the product specifications for a full list of features. 1.2 Ways to Manage the ZyXEL Device Use any of the following methods...
  • User Guide - Page 24

    Chapter 1 Introducing the ZyXEL Device • FTP for firmware upgrades and configuration backup/restore. • TR-069. This is ... you forget your password, you will have to reset the ZyXEL Device to its factory default settings. If you backed up an earlier ... Here are some example uses for which the ZyXEL Device is well suited. 24 P-660HW-Tx v3 Series User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 34

    ... is to record. You can also set it to e-mail the logs to you. Use this screen to upload firmware to your device. Use this screen to... System General Time Setting Logs View Log Log Settings Tools Firmware Configuration Restart Diagnostic General DSL Line General 2.2.3 Main Window The main window displays ... or OK to verify that the configuration has been updated. 34 P-660HW-Tx v3 Series User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 36

    ...your device. This is the MAC (Media Access Control) or Ethernet address unique to your ZyXEL Device. This is the current version of the firmware inside the device. It also shows the date ...modem code. Refresh Interval Select how often you want the ZyXEL Device to update this screen. Device Information Model Number MAC Address ZyNOS Firmware Version DSL Firmware Version WAN Information DSL Mode IP ...
  • User Guide - Page 45

    ... on the ZyXEL Device. A wireless client must also use the same PIN in order to download the wireless network settings from the ZyXEL Device. Push Button Configuration (PBC) 1 Make sure that your ZyXEL Device... notebook is within the cover range of the wireless signal. Make sure that you have installed the wireless client driver and utility in your notebook. 2 P-660HW-Tx v3 Series User's Guide 45
  • User Guide - Page 113

    ... no specific configuration of the broadband modem at the customer site. By implementing PPPoE directly on the ZyXEL Device (rather than individual computers), the computers on the LAN do not need PPPoE software installed, P-660HW-Tx v3 Series User's Guide 113
  • User Guide - Page 133

    ...Traditionally, you must set the IP addresses and the subnet masks of a computer and the ZyXEL Device to be... the IP addresses of the computer and the ZyXEL Device are not in the same subnet. Whether a computer is set to ...a static private IP address in the corporate environment. In a residential house where a ZyXEL Device is installed, you can still use the computer to access the Internet P-660HW-Tx ...
  • User Guide - Page 135

    Chapter 7 LAN Setup The computer updates the MAC address for the default gateway to the ARP table. Once the ARP table is updated, the computer is able to access the Internet through the ZyXEL Device. When the ZyXEL Device receives packets from the computer, it creates an entry in the IP routing table so it can properly forward packets intended for the computer. After all the routing ...
  • User Guide - Page 277

    ...to restore your previously saved settings. 18.4 The FTP Screen You can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload and download the ZyXEL Device's firmware and configuration files. Please see the User's Guide chapter on firmware and configuration file maintenance for details. To use this feature, your computer must have an FTP client. Use this screen to ...
  • User Guide - Page 281

    ... connectivity between devices. A UPnP device can dynamically join a network, obtain an IP address, convey its capabilities and learn about other devices on ... Know About UPnP Identifying UPnP Devices UPnP hardware is identified as an icon in the Network Connections folder (Windows XP). Each UPnP compatible device installed on your network will appear as a separate icon. Selecting the icon of a UPnP ...
  • User Guide - Page 282

    Chapter 19 Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) Windows Messenger is an example of an application that supports NAT traversal and UPnP. See the NAT chapter for more information on NAT. ... UPnP™ Implementers Corp. (UIC). ZyXEL's UPnP implementation supports Internet Gateway Device (IGD) 1.0. See the following sections for examples of installing and using UPnP. 282 P-660HW-Tx v3 Series User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 284

    Chapter 19 Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) 19.3 Installing UPnP in Windows Example This section shows how to install ... UPnP in Windows Me Follow the steps below to install the UPnP in Windows Me. 1 2 Click Start and Control Panel. Double-click Add/Remove Programs. Click... Components selection box. Click Details. Add/Remove Programs: Windows Setup: Communication 284 P-660HW-Tx v3 Series User's Guide
  • User Guide - Page 315

    ...restart your ZyXEL Device. Use the instructions in this chapter to change the device's configuration file or upgrade its firmware. After... default settings. The firmware determines the device's available features and functionality. You can download new firmware releases from your nearest ZyXEL FTP site (or www.zyxel.com) to use to upgrade your device's performance. Only use firmware for your device...
  • User Guide - Page 342

    ... to connect to the ZyXEL Device wirelessly. Enable wireless security (WEP, WPA(2), WPA(2)-PSK) and/or MAC filtering to protect your wireless network. Download new firmware (when available) from the ZyXEL web site and use the web configurator, an FTP or a TFTP tool to put it on the ZyXEL Device. Note: ...
  • User Guide - Page 351

    ...Address All computers must have a 10M or 100M Ethernet adapter card and TCP/IP installed. Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/... systems and all versions of UNIX/LINUX include the software components you need to install and use TCP/IP on your computer. Windows 3.1 requires the purchase of a ... TCP/IP application package. TCP/IP should already be installed on computers using Windows NT/2000/XP, Macintosh OS 7 and...
  • User Guide - Page 406

    ...client how to use WPA. At the time of writing, the most widely available supplicant is the WPA patch for Windows XP, Funk Software's Odyssey client. The Windows XP patch is a free download that adds WPA capability to Windows XP's built-in "Zero Configuration" wireless client. However, you must run Windows XP to use it. WPA...
  • User Guide - Page 426

    ..., 30 WEP 142, 161 key 142 Wide Area Network, see WAN Wi-Fi Protected Access 404 WiFi ... WPA supplicants 406 Wireless Distribution System, see WDS wireless LAN 137, 156 activation 140 authentication 158, 160 ... U UBR 105, 112, 117 unicast 100 Universal Plug and Play, see UPnP upgrading firmware 318, 323 UPnP 281 activation 283 cautions 282 example 284 installation 284 NAT traversal 281 URL 211 V VBR ...
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