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Download the free PDF manual for Belkin F5D5730au and other Belkin manuals at

  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 4

    ..., management, and firmware updates via Web Browser Interface • Two-level password protection for device management • Flash memory for future firmware upgrades • Simultaneous USB and Ethernet support Package Contents • Belkin High-Speed Modem with USB and Ethernet Power Adapter RJ45 ...
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 5

    INTRODUCTION System Requirements PC running Windows® 98SE , Me, 2000, XP CD-ROM drive (For USB Installation Only) One free USB port (For USB Installation Only) One RJ45 Ethernet port (Ethernet Installation Only) 2
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 7

    ... from your ISP only if applicable. 3. At least one computer with either USB or Ethernet connection. 4. TCP/IP networking protocol installed on the computer (most computers have this installed by default). 5. .... 6. It may be necessary to disable any firewall or anti-virus software during installation. It may prevent successful installation. This can be reactivated...
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 8

    INSTALLATION You can connect your equipment in one of two ways: via an Ethernet crossover cable or a USB connection. If you are connecting via an Ethernet crossover connection then follow the diagram below and proceed to "Installation Method 1" on page 6. If you have chosen to connect via a USB connection, make sure the computer you are connecting to is ...
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 9

    ...this Modem as "USB Net Card". Insert the bundled USB driver CD into the CD-ROM drive and follow the on-screen instructions to install the USB Modem drivers. After installation, the Modem will be installed as "USB Network Adapter" within the Device Manager of Windows. You will be required to reboot your PC before continuing. Open your web browser...
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 10

    INSTALLATION Modem Configuration Enter the default user name and password and click "OK". If you do not see the screen below then turn to "Annex A Problem 1". Default User Name: admin Default Password: password You will then be logged into the web interface of the Modem. 7
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 11

    INSTALLATION 1. Click on "WAN" under the Configuration menu on the left-hand side of the screen. 2. Your screen will look like this. 8
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 12

    INSTALLATION 3. For New Zealand users, change the "VPI" to "0" and the "VCI" to "100"-by default this is set to 8/35. Set the "ENCAPSULATION" to "PPPoA VC-Mux" - ... the "ENCAPSULATION" is "PPPoE LLC". (By default this should already be set.) 4. Use the scroll bar on the right-hand side of ... user name, and should be entered in the form of an e-mail address, e.g. [email protected] ...
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 13

    INSTALLATION h. Authentication: Select "Auto". i. Automatic Reconnect: Should remain checked. 6. Scroll down to the bottom of...the screen and you will see the following. 7. Click the "Submit" button to update the changes and then scroll back to the bottom ..."Submit" to make the change to the Modem. 9. The Modem will restart and the LAN connection will be reestablished between your PC and your Modem....
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 14

    INSTALLATION 10. When you see this screen, the Modem has rebooted and is ready to be connected to ADSL. 11. On the left of the screen under the Status settings in your browser, click on "PPP". You will then see the following. 11
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 15

    INSTALLATION 12. Ensure that "Connect" is displayed in the drop-down window and then click on the "Execute" button. The Modem will initiate the connection to your ADSL provider and the screen ... "Status" column it will indicate "connected" once your ADSL connection is running. 13. You can successfully close this browser window and open a new browser window and surf the Internet. 12
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 16

    ...• Check that your PC is configured to accept IP addresses dynamically by doing the following: Solution for Windows 98 and Me 1. Go to "Start / Settings / Control Panel". In the Control Panel, ..."Configuration" tab. 2. Select "TCP / IP", or the name of your Network Interface Card (NIC) in your PC. 3. Click "Properties". 4. Select the "IP Address" tab. In this ...
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 17

    ANNEX A - TROUBLESHOOTING 6. Select the "Disable DNS" radio button and click "OK" to finish the configuration. Solution for Windows 2000 1. Go to "Start / Settings / Control Panel". In the Control Panel, double-click on "Network and Dial-up Connections". 2. Double-click "LAN Area Connection". 14
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 18

    ANNEX A - TROUBLESHOOTING 3. In the "LAN Area Connection Status" window, click "Properties". 4. Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click "Properties". 15
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 19

    ANNEX A - TROUBLESHOOTING 5. Select "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically". Click "OK" to finish the configuration. Solution for Windows XP 1. Go to Control Panel on your computer and double-click "Network Connections" and right-click your network connection and select "Properties". 16
  • F5D5730au User Manual - Page 20

    ANNEX A - TROUBLESHOOTING 2. Highlight "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and select "Properties". If you do not have TCP/IP displayed in the list then you will need to install TCP/IP before proceeding. 3. Ensure that: "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" is selected and then hit "OK" twice. 17
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