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Related Netgear WNA1000M Manual Pages

Download the free PDF manual for Netgear WNA1000M and other Netgear manuals at

  • WNA1000M Installation Guide (PDF) - Page 1

    N150 Wireless Micro USB Adapter WNA1000M Installation Guide This guide explains Express installation with the NETGEAR Smart Wizard and the Standalone Windows Driver installation. Note: For help with custom installation, see the User Manual on the Resource CD. Estimated completion time: 10 minutes
  • WNA1000M Installation Guide (PDF) - Page 3

    Package Contents N150 Wireless Micro USB Adapter Resource CD Smart Wizard Installation Insert the Resource CD in your computer's CD drive. ..., browse the files on the CD and double-click Autorun.exe. 2. Click Setup. The Software Update Check screen displays. 3. If you are connected to the Internet, click Check for Updates. If not, then click Install from CD. 4. Accept the license agreement. 1. 3
  • WNA1000M Installation Guide (PDF) - Page 7

    Standalone Driver Installation 1. Insert the Resource CD in your computer's CD drive. If the CD main screen does not display, browse the files on the CD and double-click Autorun.exe. 2. Click Install Windows Standalone Driver. The driver is installed on your computer. When prompted, either insert the adapter into a USB port on your computer, or connect it with the USB cable that...
  • WNA1000M Installation Guide (PDF) - Page 8

    Connect to a Network The screen that displays after you install the driver depends on the Windows version on your computer. This example shows a Windows XP connection screen: The icon appears in the system tray. You can use it to make changes or connect to a different wireless network. For help managing wireless connections in Windows, see your Windows documentation. 8
  • WNA1000M Installation Guide (PDF) - Page 9

    ... sure you meet the minimum system requirements for the adapter and have the latest updates on the computer. Use the latest driver for the adapter. Look for the latest drivers on the NETGEAR download page. Try a different USB port on the computer. Try another device and check if it is detected. Try to connect the ...
  • WNA1000M Installation Guide (PDF) - Page 10

    ... wireless adapter. Check with the firewall or antivirus software company to see if there is an update that addresses this issue. Uninstall the driver for the wireless adapter. Uninstall the firewall software. Uninstall the antivirus software. Install the drivers for the wireless adapter first. Reinstall the firewall and antivirus software. Possible...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 4

    ...Started What You Need Before You Begin ...7 Installation with Custom Setup ...8 First, Install the WNA1000M Software...8 Then, Install Your Wireless-N USB Adapter ...9 Using the Smart Wizard to Connect to ... WNA1000M Icon ...12 Smart Wizard Status Bar ...12 Wireless-N USB Adapter LED ...14 Upgrading the Software ...14 Removing the Software ...15 Chapter 2 ...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 7

    ...wireless network. For help with express installation, see the N150 Wireless Micro USB Adapter WNA1000M ...ask for the original Windows operating system installation files to complete the installation of the WNA1000M software. Note: Windows XP users must install SP2 or install the KB822603 hot controller driver. Go to the following link to install the hot fix:
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 8

    ... WNA1000M Installation with Custom Setup Note: For help with Express installation, see the N150 Wireless Micro USB Adapter WNA1000M Installation Guide. First, Install the WNA1000M Software 1. Insert the Resource CD in your computer's CD drive. If the CD main screen does not display, browse the files ...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 9

    ... Smart Wizard configure the settings for your wireless-N USB adapter. Manual. Specify the settings for your wireless-N USB adapter in the Settings screen. Windows Utility. Connect to and manage your wireless networks using only the Windows configuration utility. Then, Install Your Wireless-N USB Adapter You are prompted to insert your adapter: 1. ...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 10

    N150 Wireless Micro USB Adapter WNA1000M 2. Click Next. The Smart Wizard software detects the adapter. 3. Follow the onscreen prompts to install the driver and complete... you installed the Smart Wizard with manual configuration, the Settings tab displays. See Viewing Wireless ... Using the Smart Wizard to Connect to a Wireless Network After the software is installed, you are prompted to connect ...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 11

    ... and wireless-N USB adapter provide several ways to check the status of your connection to a wireless network and to the Internet: • WNA1000M icon. After you install the WNA1000M software, the icon appears on the desktop and in the right on the Windows task bar. It is color coded to show the status of the connection. ...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 14

    ...-N USB adapter is connected to a wireless network, but it is not sending or receiving data. Upgrading the Software Upgrades might be available at the NETGEAR website. To check for an update and install it: 1. Open the Smart Wizard and click the About tab: 2. Click the Software Update Check button. 14 | ...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 15

    ... Adapter WNA1000M The Smart Wizard goes to the NETGEAR website and checks for newer software. If there is a newer version of firmware, this screen displays: 3. ...the following displays: 4. Click Yes. Follow the installer instructions, and if prompted, restart your computer. Removing the Software You can remove the wireless adapter software through the Windows Program List or the Windows Control ...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 16

    ... After Installation When you installed the software from the Resource CD, the icon appeared on your desktop and in the Windows system ... Save your wireless network settings in profiles. Remove or reinstall the wireless adapter software. Disabling the Windows Zero ...Configuration utility: 1. Attach the wireless adapter to a USB port for your computer. 2. In Windows, select Start > Network Connections....
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 23

    N150 Wireless Micro USB Adapter WNA1000M Viewing Statistics The Statistics tab provides real time and historical trend information ...Viewing the About Tab The About tab displays the current version information and allows you to check for software updates (See Upgrading the Software on page 14). The following information is displayed in the About tab: • Region. This is the region setting for ...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 26

    ... At this point the connection is established. Note: If you cannot connect, see Removing the Software on page 15. For problems accessing network resources, the Windows client and rile and print sharing software might not be installed or configured correctly on your computers. See the link to Internet Networking and TCP/IP Addressing: in ...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 32

    ... inserted securely in the USB port (or USB cable if used) or the WNA1000M software is not installed Remove and reinsert the wireless-N USB adapter. Check the Windows device manager to see if the wireless-N USB adapter is recognized and enabled. Re-install the WNA1000M software, if necessary. Insert the wireless-N USB adapter in a different USB port on your computer...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 34

    ... the Smart Wizard. Two WNA1000M icons are in the Windows system tray. You have an older software version installed on your system and it needs to be removed. See Removing the Software on page 15. How can I view the IP address for the wireless-N USB adapter? Click the icon to... USB adapter. This can occur if you upgraded your wireless-N USB adapter software and did not reboot your computer...
  • WNA1000M User Manual (PDF) - Page 35

    N150 Wireless Micro USB Adapter WNA1000M connections, or both when using the Micro USB Adapter. You can ... this error message, and then click Yes to remove the update. 3. Restart your computer, and rerun the Smart Display Setup Wizard. This should solve .... You can restore this hotfix by following this link: 009D8425-CE2B-47A4-ABEC-274845DC9E91&...
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