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Download the free PDF manual for Samsung SCH-R630 and other Samsung manuals at

  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 2

    ...or its respective suppliers relating to the SAMSUNG Phone, including but not limited to, accessories, parts, or software relating there to (the "Phone System"), is proprietary to Samsung and protected under federal laws... Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and its related entities. Do you have questions about your Samsung Mobile Phone? For 24 hour information and assistance, ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 6

    Availability of Various Features/Ring Tones ...121 Battery Standby and Talk Time ...122 Battery Precautions ...122 Care and Maintenance ...123 Section 12: Warranty Information ...125 Standard Limited Warranty ...125 End User License Agreement for Software ...128 Index ...133 3
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 8

    ... 120/220 VAC outlet. 2. 3. If needed, install the battery in the phone. (For more information, refer to "Install the Battery" .) Insert the smaller end of the Travel Adapter into the.../accessory connector on the upper left side of your phone. Warning!: Your touch screen responds ... must unplug the adapter before removing the battery from the phone during charging to avoid damage. Important!:...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 9

    Activating Your Phone Contact your Wireless Carrier and follow their instructions for obtaining service, if necessary. We...that you read this guide to fully understand the services your phone supports. Install the Battery Note: Your phone comes ... battery, matching the gold contacts on the battery to those on the inside of the phone. Press lightly on the bottom end of the battery down into ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 11

    ... Storage Card (Optional) You can install a microSDTM or microSDHCTM Storage Card to provide additional memory for storing files (such ... files and photos/videos) in your phone. Note: Using the Music Player requires that you first install a Storage Card. Tip: Storage... replace the microSD cover. (For more information, refer to "Install a Memory Card" on page 8.) Getting Started 8 Remove a Memory Card...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 12

    ...8226; Voice Recognition • Speakerphone Note: The SCH-R630 supports the wireless handsfree profile and the serial port profile for Bluetooth® wireless technology. The SCH-R630 does not support Bluetooth OBEX ... Music Player Key - Launches the Music Player. (Requires a Memory Card be installed. For more information, refer to "Install a Memory Card" on page 8.) Send Key - Lets you place ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 14

    ...Press this key to return to the previous menu or screen when navigating features on your phone. you have installed a microSD memory card in your phone, 8. 9. Open the QWERTY keypad by sliding lower half to the right. Features..., video sountracks, and tones. Display - Indicates the status of your phone, including numbers dialed, feature and function screens, status ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 26

    Voice Commands The voice recognition capabilities of your R630 are exceptional due to advanced, speaker-independent ... you do not need to "train" your phone to understand your voice. You can ... Before relaunching the Voice Service voice recognition software - When you use Voice Commands to make say?" followed by the first name on the list. on the phone. • When saying a name, say the first ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 34

    .... Tap and drag the list to scroll up or down for a particular call, then tap the the number you wish to store in Contacts. The information for this call appears in the display. Press . To add the number as a new Contacts entry, tap Add New Contact. To find a Contact with which to associate the new number, tap Update Existing. 3. 4. 5. 31 Follow the prompts to store the number to Contacts.
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 36

    ...16.) Locate and tap one of the following fields: Mobile 1 Home Mobile 2 Fax Menu Method 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. From a Home screen, tap ... - Lets you create a new Contacts entry. • Update Existing - Lets you add the number you entered ... New Contact screen appears in the display showing the following icons: Mobile 1 Mobile 2 Home 5. 6. 7. 33 Business Fax 6. 7. 8. Business Enter a phone number in the ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 41

    ... camera viewfinder screen appears in the display with Resolution set to 1024x768. • Press the Camera picture appears in the display. • Tap Set. The Edit Contact screen appears in the display ... When you assign a ringtone to a Contacts entry, the phone plays the ringtone that you assigned to the entry ... create a new Contacts entry. • Update Existing - Lets you add the number ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 42

    ...appears in the display showing the following number type options: Mobile 1 Mobile 2 Business Fax Home Tap the desired Contact. The following number type options appear in the display: Mobile 1 Mobile 2 Business Number types that are already assigned a number... entry is saved to your Contacts list. Select Update Existing. The Update Existing screen appears in the display showing your Contacts...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 50

    ... the Picture message with a voice memo, ring tone, or downloaded melody. Tip: You can send a Picture... to up to ten recipients. Enter each recipient's address or phone number in a separate Send To field of ... the size of the voice memo is limited to the amount of remaining memory. - Audio files list - Select from the list of previously recorded voice memos and preloaded audio files on your phone. 47
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 51

    ... View a Picture Message Now 1. Tap to complete the message text and set message send options. The following options appear in the display:... Now option, "Connecting" appears in the display followed by "Retrieving" and a progress bar indicating that the message is downloading to your phone. After the Picture message has downloaded, an alert sounds, and the new Picture message appears in the display....
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 52

    ... message "Connecting" appears in the display followed by "Retrieving" and a progress bar indicating that the message is downloading to your phone. Once a Picture message has been downloaded to your phone, the new Picture message appears in the display. If the message includes a ...10132; Voice Service ➔ Voice Commands until the phone prompts, "Say a command." Say "Send Video" ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 79

    ... soft key, and selecting Ringtones. Open the Memory Card reader drive and the "Media/ Music" folder. Drag or download music (MP3) files into the "Media/ Music" folder. Remove the Memory Card by following the removal instructions... reader and for your personal computer. Insert the Memory Card into your phone. (For more information, see "Install a Memory Card" on ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 84

    ...the display, showing version and build information about the Voice Service software included on your phone. From the Voice Service menu, tap Voice Command Settings ➔ Adapt Voice ... About. The About screen appears in the display showing the version level of the Voice Service software currently installed on your phone. Reset Adapt Voice To reset Adapt Voice ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 128

    .../peripheral equipment not furnished or approved by SAMSUNG; (f) defects or damage from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service, or adjustment not furnished or approved by SAMSUNG; (g) defects or damage from external ...caused by cellular signal reception or transmission, or viruses or other software problems introduced into the Product; (j) any other acts ...
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 131

    ... of this EULA: You may install, use, access, display and run one copy of the Software on the local hard disk(s) or other ... time, and you may not make the Software available over a network where it could be used by multiple computers at the same time. You may ... (OR IF YOU BYPASS OR OTHERWISE DISABLE THE "I ACCEPT", AND STILL INSTALL, COPY, DOWNLOAD, ACCESS OR OTHERWISE USE THE SOFTWARE), YOU AGREE TO
  • User Manual (user Manual) (ver.f3) (English) - Page 132

    ... personally identifies you. 5. UPGRADES. This EULA applies to updates, supplements and add-on components (if any) of the Software that Samsung may ... we provide other terms along with such upgrade. To use Software identified as an upgrade, you must first be licensed for the Software identified by Samsung as eligible for the upgrade. After upgrading, you may no longer use the Software that formed the...
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