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  • Command Line Interface Guide - Page 29

    ... Arrow, and Ctrl keys. Ensure that the setting is for Terminal keys (not Windows keys). CAUTION: When using HyperTerminal with ... that Windows® 2000 Service Pack 2 or later is installed. With Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, the arrow keys function ... for information on Windows 2000 service packs. For more information, see DellPowerConnect™ 3500 Series User's Guide. ...
  • Command Line Interface Guide - Page 33

    ... ASCII terminal without the use of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) driven software application. By directly entering commands, you achieve greater configuration flexibility.... describes the command functionality. This guide also provides information for configuring the PowerConnect device, details the procedures, and provides configuration examples. Basic installation configuration is described in ...
  • Command Line Interface Guide - Page 45

    ...(LLDP). Enables LLDP on an interface. Specifies how often the software sends LLDP updates. Specifies the amount of time the receiving... Specifies which optional TLVs from the basic set should be transmitted. Specifies the management address that would be advertised from an... Defines LLDP MED network policy. Access Mode Global configuration Interface configuration (Ethernet) Global configuration Global...
  • Command Line Interface Guide - Page 64

    .... Creates Layer 2 ACLs. Creates Layer 2 ACLs. Sets an IP address. Defines a default gateway. Globally enables DHCP.... Configures the DHCP snooping binding file. Configures the update frequency of the DHCP snooping binding file. Configures ... name-toaddress translation. Defines a default domain name, that the software uses to complete unqualified host names. Defines static host name-to-address mapping ...
  • Command Line Interface Guide - Page 252

    ...The lldp timer command Global Configuration mode command specifies how often the software sends Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) updates. Use the no form of this command to revert to the default setting. Syntax • • lldp timer • seconds - Specifies in seconds how often the software sends LLDP update. (Range: 5 - 32768 seconds) . 252 LLDP ...
  • Command Line Interface Guide - Page 253

    ... user guidelines for this command. Examples The following example specifies how often the software sends Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) updates. Console (config) # lldp timer lldp hold-multiplier The lldp ... hold-multiplier • number - Specifies the hold time to be sent in the LLDP update packets as a multiple of the timer value. (Range: 2-10) Default ...
  • Command Line Interface Guide - Page 254

    Examples The following example specifies how often the software sends Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) updates. Console (config) # lldp hold-multiplier 6 lldp reinit-delay The lldp ... waits before reinitializing LLDP transmission. Use the no form of this command to revert to the default setting. Syntax • • lldp reinit-delay seconds no lldp reinit-...
  • User's Guide - Page 5

    ... IP Address From a BOOTP Server ...Security Management and Password Configuration . Configuring Login Banners Startup Procedures ... ... Startup Menu Procedures ...Software Download Through TFTP Server . Port Default Settings . ... Auto-Negotiation ...MDI/MDIX ...Flow Control ...Back Pressure ...Switching Port Default ...
  • User's Guide - Page 12

    ... can be selected as the Backup Master. All other devices are selected as stack members, and assigned a unique Unit ID. Switch software is downloaded separately for each stack members. However, all units in the stack must be running the same software version. Switch stacking and configuration is maintained by the Stack Master. The Stack Master ...
  • User's Guide - Page 17

    ... This section describes the device features. For a complete list of all updated device features, see the latest software version Release Notes. IP Version 6 (IPv6) .... Power over Ethernet Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides power to devices over existing LAN cabling, without updating or modifying the network infrastructure. PoE removes the need for placing network devices next to power sources. PoE...
  • User's Guide - Page 24

    TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol The device supports boot image, software, and configuration upload/download via TFTP . Remote Monitoring Remote Monitoring (RMON) is an extension to SNMP ... "Managing Logs." SNTP The Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) assures accurate network Ethernet Switch clock time synchronization up to the millisecond. Time ...
  • User's Guide - Page 29

    ... is prevented. On the front panel are all the device LEDs. The following figure illustrates the PowerConnect 3548 back panel: Figure 2-4. PowerConnect 3548 Back Panel ... Interface) and internal EPROM. RS-232 Console Port One DB-9 connector for a terminal connection is used for debugging, software download etc. The default baud rate is 9,600 bps. The baud rate can be configured from 2400 bps up to ...
  • User's Guide - Page 47

    ... NOTE: Before proceeding, read the release notes for this product. Download the release notes from the Dell Support website at NOTE... supplied RS-232 crossover cable to the terminal running VT100 terminal emulation software. 2 Select the appropriate serial port (serial port 1 or serial port 2) to connect to the console. Installing the PowerConnect 3524/P and PowerConnect 3548/P 47...
  • User's Guide - Page 60

    ... Startup menu procedures can be done using the ASCII terminal or Windows HyperTerminal. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Download Software Erase Flash File Password Recovery Procedure Enter... version must be downloaded to replace the corrupted files, update or upgrade the system software. To download software from the Startup menu: 1 From the Startup menu, press [1]. The following prompt appears: Downloading...
  • User's Guide - Page 65

    Boot Image Download Loading a new boot image from the TFTP server and programming it into the flash updates the boot image. The boot image is loaded when the device is powered ...image copies. To download a boot image through the TFTP server: 1 Ensure that an IP address is configured ...can be sent to a TFTP server. 2 Ensure that the file to be downloaded is saved on the TFTP server (the rfb file)....
  • User's Guide - Page 246

    ... page to manage device software, the image file, and the configuration files. Files can be downloaded or uploaded via a TFTP ... non-active image. This is a safety feature for faults occurring during the Software Upgrade process. • • To open the File Management ... the tree view. This section contians the following topics: • "Downloading Files" on page 247 Uploading Files" on page ...
  • User's Guide - Page 248

    ... HTTP - Enables initiating an image upload via the HTTP server. Firmware Download • • • Server IP Address - The Server IP Address from which the firmware files are downloaded. Source File Name (1-64 characters) - Indicates... file is downloaded. The possible field values are: - Software Image - Downloads the Image file. The image file overwrites the non-active ...
  • User's Guide - Page 471

    ... Protocol Data Unit, 454 Broadcast, 102, 104 Buttons, 72 Default settings, 256 Defining device information, 78 Device installation, 40 Device representation, 71 Device view, 70 DHCP, 23 Dimensions, 30 DNS, 24, 154 Domain Name System, 24, 154 Downloading software, 246 DSCP, 441, 456 Dynamic Address Table, 320 Dynamic VLAN Assignment, 265 A AC unit, 35 Access mode,...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 7

    ...; 3500 Series User's Guide, which is available on your Documentation CD, or check the Dell Support website at for the latest updates on documentation and software. Site Preparation PowerConnect 3500 series devices can be mounted in a standard 48.26-cm (19-inch) equipment rack, placed on a...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 18

    ... Ensure that the terminal emulation software is set as follows: a b c d e f Select the appropriate serial port (serial port ...and Ctrl keys. Ensure that the setting is for Terminal keys (not Windows keys). NOTICE: When using ...ensure that you have the latest Service Pack installed. With Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, the arrow ... 3500 series Console Port Terminal PowerConnect Rear Panel NOTE: You can ...
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