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  • (English) Setup Guide - C5870-90005 - Page 2

    Congratulations on the purchase of your HP DeskJet 720C Series printer! H You'll need to buy a printer cable that supports bidirectional communication...printer Power cord Black print cartridge Color print cartridge Printer software (CD and/or disks) Microsoft Windows 3.1x or Windows 95 ...5 of the user's guide. If your computer does not have a CD-ROM drive and disks were not ...
  • (English) Setup Guide - C5870-90005 - Page 10

    ...To ensure successful installation of the printer software: 1 2 3 Make sure your computer is fully set up and ...other software programs that are running on the computer. 4 5 INSTALLING THE PRINTER SOFTWARE FROM CD-ROM (RECOMMENDED) If you have a CD-ROM drive, installation is ...few seconds after inserting the printer software CD-ROM in the drive, the installation program will start automatically. It...
  • (English) Setup Guide - C5870-90005 - Page 11

    ...or during installation that says, "New Hardware Found," choose "Do not install a driver (Windows will not prompt you again)" and click OK. 1 2 Insert ... you're not sure how to answer a question that appears on the screen, just press ENTER to accept the most common settings. 5 When the Installation is done, take the disk out of your computer, and restart Windows. Store your disks in a safe, cool,...
  • (English) Setup Guide - C5870-90005 - Page 12

    ...the directions on the computer screen. If you're not sure how to answer a question that appears on the screen, just press ENTER to accept the most common settings. 5 When the installation is done, take the disk out of your computer and restart Windows. Store your disks in a safe, cool, dry place. IF YOU'RE PRINTING FROM DOS ...
  • (English) Setup Guide - C5870-90005 - Page 13

    ... on, and then turn on the computer. Close any screen saver or other software programs that are open and running in the background on your computer. In Windows 95 and Windows ...everything except Program Manager. 4 If you attempted to install using the Windows 95 Add Printer feature, refer ... for more information. Try the installation process again. If you're using Windows 3.1x, make ...
  • (English) Setup Guide - C5870-90005 - Page 14

    ... sure you get the best print quality. Be sure to align the cartridges whenever you install a new cartridge. 1 2 Be sure there's paper in the printer's IN drawer and that the drawer and the paper adjusters are pushed in. Double-click the HP Toolbox icon on the computer screen: Windows 95 or NT 4.0 Windows 3.1x 3 Click the Printer Services tab, then click Align the print cartridges. Follow the ...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 4

    ... to Choose Paper How to Put Paper in the Printer How to Print Printer Software: Your Printer's Remote Control 1 2 3 5 8 CHAPTER 2 BEYOND THE ... CHAPTER 5 MORE ABOUT YOUR PRINTER System Requirements A Word About Windows NT 4.0 Minimum Printing Margins Cartridges and Ink Specifications Printing from DOS Additional Symbol Sets and Fonts Ordering Supplies and Accessories Ordering Information ...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 11

    ... two-way communications (see page 44 for more information). Handy Hints HP ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB You can get the latest product information, troubleshoot problems, and download updated printer software from HP's World Wide Web site at URL http://www.hp.com or http://www.hp.com/go/ peripherals 7
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 12

    ..., you really control the printer remotely, through your software program and through the printer software you installed on your computer. Instead of pushing buttons on a remote control, you make your selections in the HP ... hard to find.) TELL THE PRINTER WHAT YOU WANT PRINTER SOFTWARE HP Print Settings Box How to find it: see page 9 What ...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 28

    ... Bahaus 93 Bookman Handy Hints SEEING FONTS CLOSE UP Most software programs give you just a peek at the look of a ... Print to print a sample. Buying Fonts Fonts are included with most software programs and operating systems you purchase. You can buy additional fonts and install them on your computer, where they're stored in your computer's memory. You can buy two types of fonts for your computer:...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 32

    .... Make sure both print cartridge cradles contain properly installed cartridges with the correct part number. Paper Jam. Make .... Default printer. Make sure you've selected the HP DeskJet 720C Series printer as the default printer. To ... off the edge of the page: s Make sure the margins are set correctly in your software program. Make sure the elements in your document fit within the printable ...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 35

    ... driver) allows your printer to talk with your computer. HP provides printer software and software upgrades for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, and Windows NT 4.0. For DOS ... manufacturer of your software program. You have several options for getting software. s Download the driver by accessing CompuServe, America Online, or HP's Web site (see Web address above). ...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 36

    ... is on the back of the printer) ❚ your printer's model number (the label is on the front of the printer) ❚ the model of the computer ❚ the version of the printer driver and software application (if applicable) A NOTE ABOUT LETTERS If you need technical help from a technical support person, we recommend that ...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 37

    ... printing envelopes: Handy Hints FOLLOW YOUR SOFTWARE s If you're printing a single ... stack of envelopes, use the IN drawer. s If your software program includes an envelope printing feature, ...here. How to Print a Single Envelope 1 In the HP print settings box, click the Setup tab, then ...shiny or embossed envelopes, or those that have clasps or windows. (Use transparent labels instead for these ...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 53

    ... paper labels specifically designed for use with HP inkjet printers. OUT tray capacity: up to 50 sheets Software Compatibility MS Windows compatible (3.1x, 95, and NT 4.0) DOS application...will vary depending on the system ✼✼ configuration, software program, and document complexity. Measured in addressable raster points per inch. 300 DPI multi...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 54

    ... maximum printing While your HP DeskJet 720C Series is primarily a Windows printer, you can ... need a driver for this, which you can obtain from the software vendor.) 4 Print the document. The print settings available ... click Start. Point to Settings and then click Printers. Highlight the HP DeskJet 720C Series... Printers box, highlight HP DeskJet 720C Series and click the Setup button to display the...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 55

    ...; Point SizesPitches 6, 12, 24 7, 14, 28 6, 12, 24 5, 10, 20 58.5, 17 6, 12, 24 Installing a special symbol set or font on your computer 1 First install the printer software as described Cyrillic Symbol Sets: Fonts: Proportional Spaced CG Times CG Times Italic Univers Univers Italic PC-Cyrillic (CP-866) Latin Cyrillic (ISO-8859/5) ...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 61

    ... D Declaration of Conformity 56 default print settings 5 default printer 42 dialog boxes See HP print settings box and HP Toolbox different paper size 14 digital ... 51 double-sided printing See twosided printing dpi, in pictures 22 draft mode 10 drawer IN 3, 4, 49 paper 49 driver printer software 45 duty cycle 49 A accessories, ordering 52 addresses for ordering 53 adjusters, paper 3, 4 aligning ...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 62

    ... 18 fonts 23 buying 24 choosing 23 installing additional 51 previewing 24 sans serif 23 ...HP Bright White Inkjet Paper 2 HP Deluxe Photo Paper 2, 5, 33 HP DeskJet Utilities 11 HP Direct ... size 49 media weight, recommended 49 messages, error 7 Microsoft Publisher software 35 Microsoft Windows 3.1 47 Microsoft Windows 95... use 29, 49 formatting for 30 loading sheets 30 print settings 29 printing 29-30 N...
  • (English) User's Guide - C5870-90010 - Page 64

    Resume button 6, 31, 38 S scanning pictures 21 serif fonts 23 settings, print See print settings... smeared ink 17, 43 smoothness of paper 2 software printer 8, 45 software compatibility 47, 49 special-...See also paper jams splotchy 6 Windows NT 4.0 47 Troubleshooting tab (HP Toolbox) 12 TrueType ...WWW support 45 T Tablet option 16 taskbar, Windows 11 technical support 45 testing printer cable 44 text,...
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