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  • PTVU1000 Install Guide - Page 6

    ... Installation 1. . On your PC, log in as Administrator, and insert the CD. The Universal Push2TV Software Setup installation window displays. NOTE: Before installing the software, be sure to unplug the PC adapter from your PC. 2. ... process, the following utilities are installed: • Universal Push2TV HD Manager • USB PnP Sound Driver • DisplayLink Driver ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 3

    Contents Chapter 1 Setup and System Initialization Minimum System Requirements...6 What's in the Package ...7 Software Installation ...8 Before You Install ...8 Setting Up the Adapter ...11 Connect the HD Base...11 Connect the PC Adapter to the PC...11 Connecting Audio ...12 Positioning the PC Adapter ...13 Positioning the HD Base...13 Icon Descriptions ...14 Universal ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 6

    1. Setup and System Initialization 1 This chapter describes the following topics Minimum System Requirements What's in the Package Software Installation Setting Up the Adapter Positioning the PC Adapter Positioning the HD ... recommends the following minimum system requirements Laptop or PC with USB 2.0 port available. Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), or ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 8

    ...installation, be sure to perform a correct uninstall procedure using the Windows Control Panel. The installation software requires .NET Framework version 2.0 (or later) to be installed on the computer. If this software is not installed, you can download it from the following location: 0856EACB-...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 9

    Push2TV HD Adapter The installation CD Autoplay menu displays. 3. Select Install Universal Push2TV HD Software. 4. The Install Wizard begins installing the Universal Push2TV HD software. The installation process can include more than one step to accommodate several drivers that are installed. 9
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 10

    Push2TV HD Adapter 5. Select your geographic region to comply with your local radio regulations. This setting can be changed, if needed, once the software is installed. 6. Follow the on-screen instructions, and click Next> when prompted, or by approving authorization requests to continue the installation. 10
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 11

    Push2TV HD Adapter 7. Once the audio driver and application driver are installed, the following message displays: 8. When the installation procedure has successfully ... Push2TV HD PC Adapter to a high-speed PC USB port. The system will automatically detect and install the drivers. , indicating that a wireless connection with 2. Wait for the System Tray icon to turn green the Universal Push2TV HD ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 17

    ...enabled, and NETGEAR strongly suggests that you do not change this configuration. Opens the User Manual (in PDF format) in a browser. Displays the About screen, containing version information for the drivers and software. Closes the Universal Push2TV HD Manager application. Optimize Performance User Manual About Exit 17
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 25

    Push2TV HD Adapter Configure Screen Options in Windows 7 When a link is established with the Universal Push2TV HD TV adapter, the Display drivers appears in the Windows system tray. The right-click are activated and the Display icon context menu of... following screen displays: To change any of the external display settings: Select the appropriate display name in the Display list....
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 32

    Push2TV HD Adapter Driver Information Verifying that the drivers are installed and functional. Device Manager Viewing the Drivers in the Device Manager To view the drivers in the Device Manager, right-click My Computer and select Manage. In windows XP: In Windows 7: 1. Select Device Manager. 2. Select View > Devices by connection. 32
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 34

    ..., detach, and reattach the PC Adapter. Verifying WUSB Drivers Installation Viewing the Drivers in the Installed Directory Open C:\Windows\System32\Drivers, and look to see that the following files are there WSR_CBA.SYS WSR_DWA.SYS ....SYS WSR_RCI.SYS WSR_TBF.SYS WSR_USF.SYS If any of the drivers are missing, uninstall and reinstall the Universal Push2TV HD drivers. 34
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 35

    ... Uninstalling Drivers You can select Uninstall on the Device Manager as explained earlier. To completely remove the driver installation: • • In Windows XP: Start > Control Panel > Add or remove programs. In Windows 7: Start... the Universal Push2TV HD application, and uninstall it. Also, select the driver you would like to remove, such as Display Drivers: ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 45

    ... graphics drivers. This is also known as a GPU driver update (Graphics processing unit). 2. Try to upgrade to the latest DisplayLink software. For further support and information about DisplayLink software...&utm_medium= CLTR_PopularDownload_12410_powerdvd&utm_campaign=CL_Trial Though other media players, such as Windows Media Player or VLC, can be used, Power DVD has been ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 47

    ... Recommended Codec Pack For best performance when playing various video and audio formats, you should install an updated set of Codecs in the system. The following set of Codecs has been tested and is ... display. Solution: Do one of the following: • • Download the latest DisplayLink driver from Open ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 48

    ... Not Show Properly Problem/Question: I am using a VLC player in Windows XP, and there ... Do one of the following: • • Download the latest DisplayLink driver from Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the VLC player. If this does not resolve... using Power DVD, Windows Media Player, or another player instead. Problem/Question: I am ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 57

    ... information, see Configuring the Display on page 22. Download the latest Display Link driver. Picture Is Distorted When the Mouse Is Moving Problem/Question: I am, and there is a paint effect on the movie window-the picture is frozen, and is updated only where the mouse is moving. Answer: Close and restart the media player. Using Skype Problem/Question: I am using Skype for Web ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 77

    ... screen 50 Video window 50 Overscan 63 Resolution 63 TV brands 63 TV setup screen 63 Undescan 63 Display turns black Application window 64 Full ... mode 64 Movie play 64 Resizing 64 Windows Media Player 64 E Extend and Mirror mode HDTV 60... Device Manager Connected 32 Connection 32 in windows 7 32 in windows XP 32 Loaded 32 PCI bus 32 viewing the drivers in the device manager 32 Display ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 78

    ...USB Channel is not available 14 Wireless USB Manager 14 Wireless USB Manager System Tray Icon 14 Install 11 L laptop, working with the lid closed 24 LED indication Connected 15 Flashing 15 Green ... Using Optimize for Video Mode 54 Video mode 54 Watching Video when using the Wireless A/V Adapter 54 Windows Vista and windows 7 54 M Manager Context Menu...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 79

    ... Icon 11 PC Adapter 11 Power supply 11 USB port 11 Skype Using Skype 57 Software Installation CD 8 Download latest software from the WEB 8 High security 8 Install Directly from CD 8 Install wizard 8 License agreement 8 Previous Wireless USB Suite driver installation 8 Procedure 8 Reboot 8 Software Installation and First Connection 8 Virus checkers 8 Surfing the ...
  • PTVU1000 User Guide - Page 80

    ... Tool 35 Device manager 35 Disconnects 35 Driver 35 In Windows 7 35 In Windows XP 35 Remove 35 Uninstall 35 Windows start menu 35 Update 11 Using Skype Corrupted picture while ... quality 18 ID number 18 RF settings 18 WUSB Drivers installation drivers 34 reinstall 34 uninstall 34 viewing the drivers in the installed directory 34 V Video and Audio synchronization 70 High Performance 64,...
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