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  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 3

    ... connections Synchronization Bluetooth connectivity Data cable PC connections About home network Internet Browse the web Browser toolbar ... the cache End the connection Connection security Web settings Nokia Office Tools Active notes Calculator 79 80 83 84 84 84 85 ... overview View your location and the map Map view Change the look of the map Download and update maps About positioning methods Find a ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 4

    ...Telephone settings Connection settings Application settings Shortcuts General shortcuts Glossary Troubleshooting Find help Support Update device software In-device help Accessibility solutions Do more with your device Settings Prolong battery life ... the display theme Download a theme 3-D ringing tones Media Camera Gallery Photos Create a post Nokia Podcasting Music player...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 7

    ... content. Exercise caution with messages, connectivity requests, browsing, and downloads. Only install and use services and software from trustworthy sources that offer adequate security and protection, such ... have passed the Java Verified™ testing. Consider installing antivirus and other security software on your device and any connected computer. ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 23

    ..., or Priority to other phone to solve the conflict. Nokia Ovi Suite Nokia Ovi Suite is a set of applications that you can install to a compatible PC. Ovi Suite groups all available applications in a launcher window from which you can open the applications. Ovi Suite may be included on a memory card, if provided with your device. You can use ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 24

    ... further information on Ovi Suite, see the built-in help, or go to support. Install Nokia Ovi Suite 1 Ensure the memory card is inserted in your Nokia E5-00. 2 Connect the USB cable. Your PC recognizes the new device and installs the necessary drivers. This can take several minutes to complete. 3 Select...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 59

    ... Options > Reply to all. To forward the message, select Options > Forward. Download attachments Select Menu > Messagingand a mailbox. To view the attachments ... deleted when you delete the message. To save the selected attachment or all the downloaded attachments in your device, select Options > Actions > Save or Save all. To open the selected, downloaded attachment, select Options > Actions > Open.
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 62

    ...when an e-mail attachment has been downloaded. Warn before delete - Set the device to display a warning before you ... The Nokia Messaging service automatically pushes e-mail from your existing e-mail address to your Nokia E5-00. You can read, respond to, and organize your e-mails on ... must be supported by your network and may not be available in all regions. Install the Nokia Messaging application 1 ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 95

    ... as a removable hard drive in your computer. 3 End the connection from the computer (from the Unplug or Eject Hardware wizard in Microsoft Windows, for example) to avoid damaging the memory card. To use Nokia Ovi Suite with your device, install Nokia Ovi Suite on your PC, connect the data cable, and select PC Suite as the USB connection mode.
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 96

    96 Connectivity To synchronize the music in your device with Nokia Ovi Player, install the Nokia Ovi Player software on your PC, connect the data cable, and select PC Suite as the USB connection mode... by the Digital Living Network Alliance. You can create a home network with a wireless LAN (WLAN) access point device or router. You can connect compatible WLAN enabled ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 124

    124 Maps Change between 2D and 3D views Press 3. Download and update maps To avoid cellular data transfer costs, download the ... then transfer and save them to your device. Use the Nokia Ovi Suite application to download the latest maps and voice guidance files to your compatible computer. To download and install Nokia Ovi Suite on your compatible computer, go to Tip: Save new maps to ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 162

    ... a computer You can use the following methods to transfer music: • • To install Nokia Ovi Player to manage and organize your music files, download the PC software from, and follow the instructions. To view your device on a computer as a mass memory device where you can transfer any data files, make the...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 173

    ... you do not have the correct certificate in your device. You can download a certificate from a web site, or receive a certificate as a message. Certificates want to reduce the risk of viruses or other malicious software, and to check the authenticity of software when you download and install software to your device. Tip: When you add a new certificate, check its authenticity. View certificate ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 177

    ... your settings. When you receive the update package on your device, follow the instructions on the display. Your device is restarted once the installation is complete. Downloading software updates may involve the transmission of large amounts of data (network service). Make sure that the device battery has enough power, or ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 178

    ... Application not fully installed Application installed on the memory card Important: Only install and use applications and other software from trusted sources, such as applications that ... the original application if you have the original installation file or a full backup copy of the removed software package. To restore the original application, remove ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 179

    ... JAR file is required for installing Java applications. If it is missing, the device may ask you to download it. If... obtain these from the supplier or manufacturer of the application. To install an application or software: 1 To locate an installation file, press Menu > Ctrl... Installations folder in the main menu. To see which software packages are installed or removed and when, select Options > View...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 180

    ... > Uninstall. Select Yes to confirm. If you remove software, you can only reinstall it if you have the ... software package may stop working. For more information, see the documentation of the installed software package. Application manager settings Select Menu > Ctrl. ... mgr. > App. mgr.. Select Options > Settings and from the following: Software installation - Select whether Symbian software that has...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 219

    ... data before updating your device software. Warning: If you install a software update, you cannot use the device, even to make emergency calls, until the installation is completed and the device is restarted. Be sure to back up data before accepting installation of an update. Downloading software updates may involve the transmission of large amounts of data (network service). Make sure that ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 220

    ... up to date. Update device software using your PC You can use the Nokia Software Updater PC application to update your device software. ..., and a compatible USB data cable to connect your device to the PC. To get more information and to download the Nokia Software Updater application, go to, or in Latin America, In-device help Your device ...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 221

    ...with your device There are various applications provided by Nokia and third party software developers, that help you do more with your device. To find and download applications, visit the... service provider information. You may have settings from your service providers already installed in your device, or you may receive or request the settings from the network service providers as a...
  • Nokia E5-00 User Guide in US English - Page 241

    ... servers 204 - editing registration servers 205 - settings 203 slide show 152 SMS (short message service) 73 software applications 177 software updates 218, 220 sound clips 146 speech 72 streaming links ... - predictive input text input text messages - messages on SIM card - sending - settings themes - downloading time - settings 187 30 29 75 73 80 138 139 188
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