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  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 3

    ... pack Table of Contents Built-in USB Cable Wireless Remote Commander (HDR-CX360/CX360V/PJ10/... lithium battery is already installed. Remove the insulation sheet before using the Wireless Remote Commander. &#... battery pack NP-FV50 (1) CD-ROM "Handycam" Application Software (1)    ... has a built-in software application called "PMB Portable" . See page 22 for the memory card you...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 43

    ... files to your camcorder, and play them with Highlight Playback using the supplied software "PMB" or "Music Transfer," a software installed together with "PMB." After the music file is transferred to the camcorder, ... this case, you can restore them using Music Transfer, a software installed together with "PMB." For operating instructions, see Music Transfer help. Index...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 48

    ... GPS Assist Data If you import GPS Assist Data from your computer to your camcorder using the supplied software "PMB," the time it takes the camcorder to acquire your location information can be shortened. Connect the camcorder to a computer that is connected to the Internet. The GPS Assist Data will be updated automatically.  Notes It may take a ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 49

    ...Data may not function in the following cases:  When the GPS Assist Data are not updated for about 30 days or more  When the date and time of the camcorder are not...display Highlight*  Tips The GPS Assist Data can be updated using the "PMB Portable" software that is stored on the camcorder. * Appears only for images recorded with   Searching for a desired ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 56

    ...-ray disc playback devices (a Sony Blu-ray disc player, PlayStation3, etc.) photos to a computer (p. 59) ... one touch (Disc Burn) (p. 58) AVCHD format playback devices (a Sony Blu-ray disc player, ... (p. 60) Ordinary DVD playback devices (a DVD player, a computer that can play DVDs, etc.) Index * To create a Blu-ray disc, the BD Add-on Software for "PMB" must be installed (p. 61). 56 US
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 58

    ... image quality (STD) disc (p. 37).  Install "PMB" beforehand, however, do not start... camcorder, then connect the camcorder to the computer using the Built-in USB Cable. Table of Contents 3 4  ... camcorder screen. Enjoy Useful Functions Follow the instructions on the computer screen.  Notes Movies can use. If any other software than "PMB" starts automatically, shut ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 60 can use. If any other software than "PMB" starts automatically, shut ...drag and drop onto the window for selecting movies. Follow the instructions on the screen to create a disc....back AVCHD recording discs using "Player for AVCHD" that is installed together with "PMB." Click (Create ...not be played smoothly depending on the computer environment. Index The movie selection window appears. [Create...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 61

    ...a computer (p. 59). To create a Blu-ray disc, the BD Add-on Software for "PMB" must be installed. Click [BD Add-on Software] on the installation screen of "PMB," and install this plug-in according to the on-screen instructions.  Connect your computer to the internet when you install [BD Add-on Software]. You cannot copy high definition image quality (HD) ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 94

    ... displayed on the connected device. To import images from the camcorder to your computer, use the supplied "PMB" software.  If the "Device Stage*" window does not open when you connect the camcorder to a computer equipped with Windows 7, set [USB Connect Setting] to [Auto]. * "Device Stage" is a menu of Windows 7, that is used to...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 108

    ... the included PC software.  Table of Contents Recording media Cannot recognize the internal memory. Format ...backed-up high definition image quality (HD) movies to the computer using the supplied "PMB" software installed on the computer. However, it is not guaranteed that all movies can ... backup to other device (such as a computer), and then format the memory card on the camcorder (p. 90). ...
  • Handycam® Handbook - Page 120

    ... " in the "License" folder on the CD-ROM. You will find licenses (in English) of "GPL," and "LGPL" software. To view the PDF, Adobe Reader is needed. If it is not installed on your computer, you can download it from the Adobe Systems web page: Index Enjoy Useful Functions 10 US
  • Operating Guide - Page 28

    ... be shortened when you load the GPS assist data into the camcorder using the supplied software "PMB." Install "PMB" on your computer (p. 38) and connect the computer to the internet. Then connect the camcorder to the ... of media On this camcorder Internal recording media Memory card On external devices External media (USB storage devices) Blu-ray discs AVCHD recording ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 37

    Saving movies and photos with a computer Useful functions available if you connect the camcorder to a computer (Windows) The software PMB stored in the CD-ROM (supplied) includes functions that enable you to do more with the images recorded with the camcorder. View Calendar Save on a disc Upload Saving movies and ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 38

    ... on DirectX technology. It is necessary to have DirectX installed.) Memory For Windows XP: 512 MB or more (1 GB ... movies and photos to the computer, please contact Apple Inc. Step 2 Installing the supplied software "PMB" Install "PMB" before connecting your camcorder to a computer.   ..."PMB Launcher" is installed from the supplied CD-ROM and you can start "PMB" or other software by using...
  • Operating Guide - Page 39

    ... on as an Administrator for installation. Close all applications running on the computer before installing the software.    Place the supplied CD-ROM in the disc drive of your computer. The ...appear, click [Start]  [Computer] (in Windows XP, [My Computer]), then double-click [SONYPMB (E:)] (CD-ROM)*. * Drive names (such ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 40

    ... contents without warning. When you access the camcorder from the computer, use the supplied software "PMB" or the pre-installed software "PMB Portable." Do not modify the files or folders on the camcorder from the computer. The image files may be ... create a Blu-ray disc by using a computer with a Blu-ray disc burner. Install the BD Add-on Software for "PMB." 0 US
  • Operating Guide - Page 41

    Starting PMB (Picture Motion Browser) Uploading images to a network service The application software "PMB Portable" is pre-installed in the camcorder. You can enjoy the following functions using the "PMB Portable." blogs) to use frequently 2 The PMB software starts up. Double-click the "PMB Help" short-cut icon on the computer screen to see how to use "PMB...
  • Operating Guide - Page 42

    ... device) may appear, depending on the computer settings. In such a case, follow the instructions on the screen and download the latest information about the system.  If you are using Windows 7, the [USB Connect Setting] (... occurs to "PMB Portable" or if you wrongly delete the software, you can download the "PMB Portable" installer from the Web to repair.  ...
  • Operating Guide - Page 59

    ...short-cut icon on the computer screen. 1 To install the "Handycam" Handbook on a Windows computer, place the supplied CD-ROM in the disc drive of your computer. The installation screen appears.   &#... Adobe Reader to read "Handycam" Handbook. If it is not installed on your computer, you can download it from the Adobe Systems web page: http://www....
  • Operating Guide - Page 76

    ...66 Media Select ...21 Media Settings...21 Memory card ...22 "Memory Stick" media ...22...Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo" media...22 "Memory Stick PRO Duo" media...22 Menus......72 Self-diagnosis display ...61 Setting the date and time ...18 Software ...38 Specifications ...68 Supplied items ...8 H "Handycam" Handbook......32 I Install...38 You will find the menu lists on pages 56 to 58. L Language Setting ......
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